Declare a Climate Emergency …

Thank you Ten Bears for posting this. We really have to understand what a real life crisis this is not just for the US but the world. This is the only place so far that we can live, we really need to stop destroying the habitat we need to live here. Hugs

Homeless on the High Desert

Quit fiddle-fucking around

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15 thoughts on “Declare a Climate Emergency …

  1. Holy cow, with my rep and senators, it’s as if they believe they and thei families don’t need to drink water and breathe air. I don’t know what we’re waiting for.

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    1. Well said, Ali.

      We are waiting for someone with the spine to stand up to industrialists, especially coal (Manchin) and oil. Our legislators fail to understand that the lobbyist owns them once they take that first bribe.

      I don’t think Biden is taking lobbyist’s money now, but I’m sure he did while he was in the Senate. He seems to move in the right direction, but slowly. It’s reflexive after all those years in the legislature.

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      1. Hello Cagjr. You are so correct. You understand our current corrupt system. If you want to see more of the horrible effects of our climate change on people, please follow Ten Bears blog. Hugs


  2. Scotty, this is not germane to this subject.

    Only nine states and D.C. require one year of civics or U.C. Government.
    Thirty states require half a year. Eleven have no civics requirement.

    American Federation of Teachers, It answers a lot of questions about the ignorance of the voters.
    It’s worth a read. My search was, “is civics still taught in American schools.”
    Just saying.

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    1. Hello Cagjr. Unlike some bloggers, I don’t require the comments stay strictly to the subject of the post. If they are interesting or important, I want to know about them and hope they will inspire discussion. Only 9 states think that civics should be taught to students, the system of our government and the rights of the people? Great dogs that love gravy, that sets the entire country up for an authoritarian like DeathSantis from Florida to just take over. I think my country is about to fail. Hugs


    1. Hello Roger. For profit they deny reality. And I really think the wealthy do not see it as a threat to them. They can afford the increased price of food, they can jet off to the best places to live, they won’t be suffering from a drought or trying to rebuild after a fire has raced through the town. People have to realize the wealthy are not our friends and they do not think we are like them, they really are the enemy. Right now in the US the wealthy and Republicans are willing to push the US into a recession just to stop the drive to increase the hourly wage workers are demanding. Hugs

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          1. Well here’s the thing Nan, all the history of Humanity, no one family has hung onto their wealth and position for more than a few generations, and they all end up feeding bugs.
            Wealth might be continuous, but it feeds off of itself, bit like the bugs.

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    1. Hello Ten Bears. It is hard to argue with truth and so they find the only way to deal with your question is to try to keep you from asking it. It makes too much sense, and they hate that. What I struggle to understand, the rubes have been brainwashed to scream drill baby drill and to hate renewable energy, but oil is going to run out. It is finite. We need to figure out now how to live without it, not wait until it is gone when it will be too late. Plus as you often post, it is making our home unlivable. Hugs


        1. Hello Ten Bears. Never do that! I hope that was a joke. People like me depend on the information you post on the climate and enjoy the other posts you do. We have to reach people on how bad the climate is, and you help do that. Thanks. Hugs


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