Katie Porter SHREDS Gun Lobbyists with must-see TAKEDOWN

3 thoughts on “Katie Porter SHREDS Gun Lobbyists with must-see TAKEDOWN

  1. Katy’s point is so elementary that even a grade school kid could “get it.” But of course the ‘gun-guy” has to go round and round with her to try and justify his source of income. She is a jewel.

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    1. Hello Nan. Yes so true. As I keep saying greed for ever higher profits is killing the US. As every day goes by more of the country’s money, our GDP, is moved from the people / economy to be funneled into the bank accounts of the very wealthy. If it is given to the government to spend on the public, it flows into the economy. If it stays with the lower incomes, the people, it flows as it needs to be spent. The economy is the flow of money as people buy and sell. But the wealthy don’t need and won’t buy as much as the lower income tiers. The money doesn’t get spent so doesn’t flow. Think of it as blood, the more blood is lost to the body the closer to death that being / animal is. That is what is happening to the US economy, we are bleeding out by sending all the money to the wealthy. Hugs

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