Texas Paul EXPOSES secret wedding recording of Republican who voted against his son’s marriage

Radical Republican House of Representatives member Glenn Thompson voted last week to prevent same-sex couples from having the right to marriage, then just a few days later, attends his own son’s same sex marriage. Meidas Contributor Texas Paul reacts and shows us a secret recording from the wedding.

5 thoughts on “Texas Paul EXPOSES secret wedding recording of Republican who voted against his son’s marriage

  1. Hi Scottie;
    Have you ever noticed that the great divide between liberalism and what passes for conservative…. uh, values?… lately can be most easily summarized in the concepts of giving respect, care, understanding to others…. vs….. demanding that others conform to a set of expectations self-determined by the “complainer”.
    Example: Gay Marriage; been in the news a lot. Near and dear to your heart. Liberal: You love each other, you are citizens, adults, tax payers. Knock yourself out – love and be merry! Trump conservative: How terrible! That is totally opposed to MY beliefs. You are horrible, sick people! Die!!!!!!
    Gender: Liberal: Gender is how one sees oneself. We are all different, unique, worthy of respect. Believe what you will, not really our business. You are still going to pay your taxes, right? “Conservative”: We have one female gender, one male gender. We define that quite clearly. Don’t really care what you think, we have these definitions that must be maintained. You are paying taxes, right? Great…. we billionaires need a tax break.
    Taxes: Liberal: ok, we want you all to know that those of us who have a lot of money really want to keep it. But, the idea that those of you who don’t have much should pay less so that you can buy milk and gas and cars, keep the economy rolling, ya know? Ok, rock on… spend that money! “Family Friendly Conservative”: What sort of jobs have you created? You are just a sponge on society, a bottom feeder, worthy of nothing more than buying my businesses products and carrying the tax burden because, dude… I can’t buy that fifth yacht if you don’t do your part. Tax on, sucker!
    Ok….. I may be biased. But, was I really that far off? So, this asshole who has no problem throwing his very son under the bus, professionally, while at home he “accepts and loves”? It’s like there’s a pattern or something.
    Well, hugs to you all.
    ps: Did you see Jon Stewert’s rant today on the “love the soldier – conservatives” throwing the sick and needful vets under the bus? Says it all.

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    1. Hello Randy. Spot on. One party believes in democracy and diversity, the other believes in authoritarian control where everyone is forced to act / think as the government demands. You should write screen plays. As for Stewert’s rant I have cued it up, have not played it yes. Had a rough day yesterday and did not get much done. Hugs


  2. This is not the least bit surprising considering he’s a Republican. They have mastered the talent of speaking from both sides of their mouths at the same time.

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    1. Hello Nan. A lot of republicans have switched their minds and changed their rhetoric on the issue of LGBTQ+ when one of their kids or family comes out as one. Look at Portman and both Cheneys for example. I look at these large families some of the religious people have and I just know some of them will turn out to be LGBTQ+. So if they keep up that hate talk or hate actions like this guy did the ones they are hurting includes their own families. Hugs


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