NYT: Trump Cheated During His NJ Saudi Golf Event

The New York Times reports:

His blast from a bunker had failed to reach the green and was nestled in some nasty rough. Instead, he had his caddie pick up the ball and march to the next tee.

On another hole, when a birdie putt rolled nearly six feet past the hole, he casually scooped the ball up to end the hole, apparently conceding himself a par. Try that this weekend in your match with your usual foursome. Or any foursome.

At other times, a Trump mis-hit would simply be ignored. As if understanding the drill, his caddie would retrieve the golf ball from the sand or deep rough and walk forward.

Read the full article.

The thing with Trump is that when he wins by cheating, he believes he legitimately won.


2 thoughts on “NYT: Trump Cheated During His NJ Saudi Golf Event

    1. Hello Nan. Everyone knows he cheats and in one of the books about him there was the story how he stole the ball of a kid who had gotten much closer than he had. The kid was upset but his dad told him to let it go to not say anything. But what got me and what did surprise me was how blatant and open he has gotten about it. He just expects it is his right and due. It is not just he doesn’t understand fair play, he seems to think that because he is wealthy and it is his course it is just a given he is above the rules. Others are expected to follow the rules but not the great maga lord trump. Hugs
      BTW he again tried to claim presidential immunity against the lawsuits of the injured capital police. The judge basically said he had already rule that it was not part of the presidency job to start and support a riot that he wouldn’t repeat it again but would just have people read it, and he denied trumps claims. Hugs

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