Liberal Redneck – The GOP Hates Vets/Everyone

After blocking the bill that would aid burn pit victims, is there anyone left these people won’t screw over? Other than rich people anyway. Let’s rant about it.

5 thoughts on “Liberal Redneck – The GOP Hates Vets/Everyone

    1. Hello Keith. I enjoy his work; in everything I have seen of him. I like his weekly skews, these short clips, the putting on airs he does, and what I have seen of his comedy shows. He has the perspective of growing up in the south and poor white trash combined with his liberal mindset which with his humorous delivery makes what he says easy to understand. Hugs

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    1. Hello Roger. A book I am not familiar with. I looked it up. Vietnam soldiers. Yes I can agree. The military used these people as disposable fodder for a political mess. Then they wanted those that came home to simply go away because the mess the political class created embarrassed that same political class. Hugs

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      1. This is a painfully old story.
        British Poet of late 19th / early 20th Rudyard Kipling wrote what is a timeless poem:
        Tommy (being an old slang for the British soldier)
        Here is the link;

        PS: ‘The term ‘Widow’ refers to Queen Victoria who being so shocked by the death of her husband Prince Albert remained in constant mourning – much to the irritation of the British public.

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