Report: GOP Has A Plan For Young Voters, People of Color, and Unmarried Women

Again Tengrain at Mock Paper Scissors has posted valuable information on ways the RNC / Republicans plan to restrict voting and harass voters even more. Not content with the damage they have already done, they plan to continue their obstruction to people casting ballots right to the voting stations during the voting itself. Please read the post and as always enjoy the comments. Hugs

Mock Paper Scissors

For those of you who tsk-tsk your host (that would be me, ya mugs) for exaggerating that the GOP is a thing of evil from top to bottom and are planning on cheating to create a fascist authoritarian dystopia and must be (electorally) destroyed, I enter into evidence:

The Republican National Committee has been relying on a stable of the party’s most prolific spreaders of false stolen-election theories to pilot a sweeping “election integrity” operation to recruit and coach thousands of poll workers in eight battleground states, according to new recordings of organizing summits held this spring in Florida and Pennsylvania obtained by POLITICO.

Yup, their train-the-trainers effort is for liars to train liars how to lie.

On the tapes, RNC National Election Integrity Director Josh Findlay repeatedly characterizes the committee’s role as supporting in-state coalitions — delivering staff, organization and “muscle” in key states to the person they…

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2 thoughts on “Report: GOP Has A Plan For Young Voters, People of Color, and Unmarried Women

  1. Scottie, what Steve Schmidt, former Republican campaign strategist, said on “Real time with Bill Maher” about five years ago, the Republican tactics are part of a two fold strategy that dates back to a Koch Brothers study done at the end of last century. They projected the demographic future of the GOP and did not like what they saw. So, the first part of the strategy was to appeal to more voters and attract them to the GOP. The second part of the strategy was to restrict the rights of others to vote that would vote against them. In other words, if we cannot get them to join us, cheat. That is it in a nutshell. This was happening long before Trump, he just latched onto it and made it worse. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. I agree. I remember when the Republicans were talking of a big tent and W Bush was trying to reach out to the brown people / Hispanics. But that was all scraped because the older whites were not willing to share with the brown people and give up a bit of their majority. So the republican party went all in with bigotry and voter suppression instead. The two pronged approach went to a one spear approach. tRump just shoved it into overdrive. But my question is how to confront it and block the damage they are causing while beginning to reverse it? Hugs

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