4 thoughts on “Idiots In Cars Compilation #089

  1. I’m still watching this … but did you see/read about the HORRIBLE wreck in Los Angeles?

    Personally, I think a LOT of wrecks (big and small) are the result of people paying more attention to their phones than the road.

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    1. Hello Nan. I don’t think so, I don’t know which one you are talking about and when I googled it far too many came up to pick which one you are talking about. Yes a lot of it is the phone. Every time I go to a doctor’s office I see people who go side to side or don’t move when the light changes, and you can see their phones in their hands. I think every car should have electronic systems that verbally report the phone and take verbal commands so people don’t even need to look at the phone or pick it up. When we get into the car it syncs to our phones and if we get a message or call it comes over the car speakers and we can reply or make calls just by voice commands. I play my podcasts and never have to pull out my phone. Hugs


        1. Hello Nan. Oh my dogs that love gravy how horrible. Thank you for the link. I wish I could unsee. To the best of my memory, I have only run one red light. It was a year ago, I had just gotten my new glasses and I was struggling to adjust to them. There were two lights within a couple car lengths from each other. At slow speed I approached the first light and trying to figure if this was near my turn, I rolled through it to the next light. Only then did it register with me that the first light was red. I was mortified. In all my years of driving I had never done that. But as there was no traffic at that time either way no one was hurt. I am now thinking of getting dash and rear cameras. Many of these crashes happen in less populated areas. Hugs

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