NBC NEWS: Critics say he runs an ‘open dictatorship.’ Why is Viktor Orbán a star with the GOP?

Critics say he runs an ‘open dictatorship.’ Why is Viktor Orbán a star with the GOP?
“The reason that Orbán keeps winning is he has the control of a dictator,” said one political scientist. “So the question is, what are the Republicans in it for?”

Read in NBC News: https://apple.news/Ati_pHgC_Q1q58KuQq7glVw

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9 thoughts on “NBC NEWS: Critics say he runs an ‘open dictatorship.’ Why is Viktor Orbán a star with the GOP?

    1. Hello Nan. Yet this is what the republicans want here, as a start. Then they move to a Putin or China type control. We need to understand that the republicans plan to kill democracy, to kill the government of the people by the people. We need to make people aware of that, and somehow prevent it. Hugs


      1. At this point, I think our only hope is that the Repuke numbers are in the minority. They make a LOT of noise and the press spotlights all their idiocy, but according to statistics, they are outnumbered. Of course, we still have to worry about the non-voters and the folks that are too busy to pay attention.

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        1. Hello Nan. Good point. But we still have a problem that a lot of democrats simply don’t vote, and people like James the 30 year old that lives with us simply want nothing to do with politics. Won’t talk about it nor wants to do anything about the situation, even knowing it affects us, two people he loves. He has a friend who comes over occasionally so the two of them can use my computer set up to host a D&D session, but does his friend vote? This is the problem we face. Hugs


          1. I was like James for most of my adult life. It’s only been since the 2008 election that I got even remotely interested. I did vote, however — for Democrats since this was the party of my parents and that I carried with me into adulthood. Which makes me wonder how many others would probably say the same about their party of “choice.”

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            1. Hello Nan. It bothers me but I just don’t know how to address it. Now with James, who is a very secretive person, I have to wonder if voting is a problem for him. See he was born in Germany to American parents, but he is so totally uninterested in any politics that it stuns me. I have tried to engage him in political issues, and he simply ignores it, same when Ron has tried to. He is engaged in all aspects of our life, loves us, helps us, but simply won’t deal / engage in anything political. He will be in the room when Ron and I are talking politics and has no comment. So how to get him or his friends to vote? I am at a loss. He knows how important these issues are to us. Hugs


              1. Yes, I’m SURE he knows how important these issues are to you (This is MORE than obvious by your blog!!). But they are NOT to him. Don’t try to analyze why. You are simply different people.

                BTW, do you spend time and effort talking about the things that interest him? I mean, really spend time and show interest? I ask this because I KNOW that politics is such a BIG part of your life that you may not be “listening” to him … or somehow (without realizing it) bringing politics into the discussion without really thinking about it. Just some things to consider …

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                1. Hello Nan. He and Ron watch the same shows together. Ron and James talk about stuff. He and I talk about computers and electronics. Last night he spent 7 hours while I was sleeping fixing and reordering my email system for me. I had nearly 80,000 emails in my inbox and it drove him crazy. He told me this morning I had my three email accounts in an infinite loop forwarding to each other. I told you I was getting three notifications on every blog I followed well he found where the old blogs were following the same blogs and he shut them down. He wrote rules for each type of email I get and has them auto sorting themselves. My inbox is clean with nothing in it, everything that comes in goes into folders. I have no clue what is coming in at all. I don’t get notices. Before I at least got notices on the desktop. So before I had too much incoming and now it is all hidden and I still don’t see it. But he worked his butt off doing it. He and one of his friends use my set up to host D&D games. It works grand for them. But mostly James doesn’t talk much. He plays video games and watches TV, do a lot of stuff on his phone. Hugs


                2. He’s most likely somewhat of an introvert.

                  Re: your emails — You’re using Gmail, so based on what you said he did, the emails that come in will show up in whatever folder he assigned it to — and that folder will be highlighted/bolded whenever a new message comes in. It’s really a good system … I often use if for emails from my family. In fact, after reading what about what he did, I may set up some new folders myself for my everyday emails.

                  The main thing you will need to find out from him is how he decided what goes into what folder — they may not be as “obvious” as you might like (the folder names can be changed).

                  Keep me posted on how this turns out. Again, I really think he did you a good thing!

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