“An Act Of God”: Indiana Rep Wants To Ban Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Indiana State Rep John L Bartlett proposed a bill that would ban erectile dysfunction pills. His reasoning? If unwanted pregnancies are gods will so is impotency. Comedian Ben Gleib breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

2 thoughts on ““An Act Of God”: Indiana Rep Wants To Ban Erectile Dysfunction Pills

  1. Scottie, this will make a lot of people upset, including those in leadership in the GOP. By the way, did we not learn our lesson about prohibition? Banning things that people want only means they will get the product through other channels. It is that simple.

    In this case, other countries will be shipping morning after pills, ED pills, etc. to the United States. We cannot even stop robo calls, so how would anyone stop that influx?


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    1. Hello Keith. First I apologize for the delay in responding. You are correct, this will upset people. The white male people. Those who think it is OK for the state to control a woman’s body but must never have any say over the male body. This is the sickening part of this entire situation on abortion that upsets me, in no other situation is one person’s body and its resources legally required to be used to support another being / person’s life. No one is required to give even blood, no one is required to give a kidney to save the life of even their own child, no one is required to give bone marrow, in fact nothing no matter how little it would affect the giver. Only women can be required to give their body resources and forced to accept the body damage / drain to support a possible life no matter what it does to them at any time. No man has this legal demand on them, yet mostly it is men making these anti-abortion laws. The cognitive dissidence on this issue is stunning to me.

      You are 1000% that banning abortion won’t stop it. it will go back to illegal measures, “Back-alley abortions” which will lead to many more unpleasant deaths for women. Again not men. My gods the purity moral police don’t care about the females that will die, they were sinners, they were evil. The important things is to enforce their god’s morality on sex! Even though their god did not mind abortion he was very clear on the fact that a woman’s womb was the property of first her father and then her husband. She did wrong getting herself pregnant against her male rulers wishes. Hugs

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