DIY Double Decker Bus tiny house conversion – Family of 8

I love this.   As some may know we sold our Palm Beach home and bought a wonderful huge Extra large 4 door cab dually truck and a 40.4-foot fifth wheel with the idea of living in it for a long time and traveling.  In year two Ron’s happiness changed.   We suffered a tire blow out that was very scary to Ron, and it was during a time he was undergoing untreated anxiety panic attacks we did not understand.    He was having them, and we did not understand why.   The tire blowing incident caused Ron to freak out and demand we sell the entire set up as soon as possible.   He did not want to live in it another day and wanted it gone.  It was making him cry to even have to stay in it.   This caused a problem because we sank 125,000 into the set up plus other costs, but I adore him and even though I did not know what was behind this insistence on his part I sold the entire unit at a huge loss, half the cost we paid for it all and moved us into 1984 double wide in the first phase of the RV mobile home park we were in.  There were better homes we wanted and could afford but bigotry against us as one of the first well known gay couples of the park.    Many of the old bigots refused to sell to us or asked for outrageous prices.     Of course, after Ron got treatment for anxiety and panic attacks it was all better but far too late.  But if I had the chance, I would love this unit.    Hugs

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: You’re looking at a 47k lb, 13′ 5.5″ ft tall, 43ft long beast of a tiny home! The Everly family decided that time spent working, to take two weeks a year together, was off balance. With some research and a quick decision, they fell upon the double-decker bus they had renovated to suit their family and full-time travel. This rig has two bathrooms with a separate indoor and outdoor shower! The kitchen has a farmhouse style with a deep sink, induction stove, and plenty of gear for outdoor cooking. The rooftop deck has a sturdy railing so the entire family can enjoy the views, including hammocks that can hang from the safety guards! The kids dominate a daytime play area that turns into the parents sleeping quarters at night. This crew is family-oriented and travel driven. What an adventure!

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