South Florida LGBT teen jumped for second time

This video is horrible and hard to watch.   This kid is given a vicious beating because he is trans according to his grandmother.   Notice the police and school have done nothing to help this teen and now with the don’t say gay laws no teacher can support him.   This is what the republican’s in office and the right wing maga thugs want with the don’t say gay bills.   This is the result of demonizing trans people to claim they are assaulting people in bathrooms, suggesting they are doing perverted stuff in locker rooms, and removing support for LGBTQ+ kids along with anti-discrimination messages that might help teach tolerance and acceptance.   This is what the legislator that wrote the Florida don’t say gay bill admitted he wanted to have happen.   He wanted LGBTQ+ kids targeted for abuse and harm.    Well he is getting his way.    With more abuse comes more suicide. 

To those who say that kids are transitioning on whims and doing so because it is a fad or perceived as the cool thing to do need to see the reality of this video.   This is the reality far too many gay, lesbian, and trans kids face.    Far too many LGBTQ+ face these threats of hate and violence in their daily lives made worse by the actions of DeathSantis and his anti-LGBTQ+ maga thugs.   When religious leaders scream that LGBTQ+ people should be killed, this is the result.    Some of these LGBTQ+ face this at home which is why they are not out at home, but now republican laws force teachers to out them to their parents.    Kids are not willing to transition and face this, living every day with the hassles of trying to find a bathroom, trying to make it through the day without support, suffering abuse and the danger of being beaten up unless they truly are of a different gender than they were assigned at birth. 

We are working so hard to remove this hate from society and the LGBTQ+ communities were gaining such deserved acceptance in society.   Schools had programs to teach tolerance, to show other kids there was nothing wrong with the LGBTQ+ kids, to establish acceptance.    To teach that diversity was a good thing.   Now in Florida married same sex couples cannot put up pictures of their spouses like straight couples and must hide from the kids their marriages / sexual orientation.    These red states / republicans / right wing thugs are trying to create a country where only straight white Christians are accepted and have assumed authority / privileges.   Everyone else must hide who they are and be silent.   50 years of work, decades of changing the perceptions in schools and the minds of the people, creating safer schools and workplaces, all destroyed in red states due to a small minority of violent thugs, the republican brownshirts, who won’t tolerate anyone different from them because they have the state authority’s permission to force other to live as these gang thugs’ demand.    The power / authority of the state is supporting and energizing these thugs.    If you vote republican this is the country you want.   If you vote republican this is the way you want the LGBTQ+ to be treated, along with women being second class citizens whose duty is to be an incubator for a male’s offspring.   Shame on you all for voting republican!   This is personal.   I lived through these beatings and worse.  I lived through the fears in schools, I lived with the mistreatment at home, and the discrimination in all aspects of adult life for being gay.    It was getting better until now.   We were moving away from this stuff being acceptable.   Now it is back.   What next?  Will black kids be the next targets of these laws, to make them the targets of more abuse?  Will LGBTQ+ adults not be able to rent, buy in some neighborhoods?  Will gays / lesbians get married on Sunday and be fired from work for being in a same sex marriage on Monday?     Hugs

8 thoughts on “South Florida LGBT teen jumped for second time

    1. Hello Nan. And they are in a lot of areas. It is so discouraging. There was a time the federal and state governments denounced these actions. They fought the bigots and passed laws to protect the at risk minorities. But now when the Biden administration is trying to do so Florida Governor DeathSantis claims Florida not only doesn’t have to obey the federal anti-discrimination but are making laws that openly target the LGBTQ+ and blacks, making them targets of attacks. Nan what terrifies me is DeathSantis’s open defiance of the Biden administration rules and anti-discrimination laws knowing that it takes years to work through the courts and that the SCOTUS will likely support the red state republican hate. I am watching every advance in the last 50 years not only for myself / the LGBTQ+ community but for people of color and women be removed in removed to turn the countries clock back to 1950. Every advance in civil rights is being undone due to the republican’s desire for a complete authoritarian dictatorship and being willing to use a gang of thugs like brownshirts called the maga cult to enforce their rise to power. If people don’t see the similarity to 1930s Germany and Hitler, they are not being honest with themselves, or they don’t know history. Worse this is what Bannon and his ilk have been working for worldwide. Hugs

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      1. Hello Ali. I understand. To post the violence and abuse of the LGBTQ+ and minorities / minors I do take a told on me. But it is important people know and understand what is happening in the US now and how our democracy and rights hang by a thread. Hugs

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    1. Hello Ali. Yes. Women will be paid less legally and have to sign something saying they won’t get pregnant. Also moral clauses are going to come back like they are in church schools, you must be of such and such character to be hired. This really is the maga right wing republicans getting to deny democracy and take the country back to their utopia of the 1850s. This is very scary time if their media and their thug brownshirts get to take over. Hugs

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    2. Hello Ali. Yes the bigotry is clear. Yes you are correct. They will not allow those that differ from the accepted republicans to do other than must hide and any woman that is married will have to affirm that she won’t get pregnant. I seem to remember that in history a woman teacher had to promise she wouldn’t even get married as that would mean she could get pregnant. What an anti-woman rights violation. Hugs

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