POLITICO: GOP contorts itself in defense of Trump as new FBI search details emerge

GOP contorts itself in defense of Trump as new FBI search details emerge
Republicans who days ago were near-united in blasting the Justice Department are allowing that nuclear weapons-related materials at Mar-a-Lago might be problematic.

Read in POLITICO: https://apple.news/Ak-ju0aHgR8mj28EANK_OAg

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8 thoughts on “POLITICO: GOP contorts itself in defense of Trump as new FBI search details emerge

    1. Hello Jeff. It is stunning how these people genuflect to trump. Today on the Sunday news programs the republicans acted like none of the stuff at Mar-a-Lago even happened. One republican kept hammering that democrats wanted to defund the police at a time when crime was rising terrifying the public, yet Chuck Todd never pushed back. He never mentioned the defund the FBI and attacks on them by maga. He interrupted the democrat constantly but let the republican spill lies like gas prices still going up with no correction. Several were asked about trump ad they replied as if the question was something else, going on to attack Biden or give campaign speeches. But never addressing anything about trump. Scared shitless by him and his maga thugs. Hugs


  1. They could free themselves from him and his certainly-almost-penniless-base-by-now, by just cutting him off as entirely too far outside the realm of the reality of running the US. Or anything at all. Of course, they coulda done that with the Tea Party decades ago.
    But, they still won’t. They still don’t realize that eventually if not sooner, they will be the ones gone after by authoritarianism; they’re not in the club, either.

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    1. Hello Ali. The problem is trump’s cult is both vocal, active on social media, and thugs total devoted to pushing every claim by trump. They will act on anything that angers their orange cult god. Look at Liz Cheney, she won last time with 73% but lost badly because she angered trump. So republicans in office know they must not say anything bad about trump yet, not until after they are elected. Plus as I said the cult base are thugs willing to use violence and intimidation to get their own way and make trump happy. It is really scary what the maga cult thugs will do for him. Hugs

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  2. It’s difficult to believe/understand that seemingly intelligent people have been so totally and completely brainwashed by this man that they believe and defend his “innocence” in any and all actions. He could build a bigger and better church than ANY fake pastor in existence today!

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    1. Hello Nan. I agree. The thing it is not just trump. The cult gets all their information from right wing rabid media such as Hannity and Carlson, Breitbart, OAN, Newsmax all of which push the trump line and amplify any grievances he has. I think they are a cult. A violent loud pushy feeling entitled cult thugs who feel that anything they wish is how things must be. They have no interest in reality or reason. They run on feelings, if they feel it then it must be the truth, if they hate it then it must be wrong. They are never wrong, everyone they disagree with is. Yup you called it, they are a cult church. Hugs

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