SD Gov Intros Christianist Social Studies Standards

Please note some more information from the artical.

“Her approach in this curriculum further perpetuates ignorance, further perpetuates racism and white supremacy,” he said, adding “These priority areas are dominated by nationalism.”

The Republican governor claimed the new proposed standards are free from “political agendas” and include an increased focus on Native American history. But they received swift criticism from some educators as a thinly-veiled political document. They emphasize the qualities of America’s founders and mimic language Noem has used as she jumped on the conservative cause of weeding certain “divisive” teachings on race from public schools.

Despite the academic framework being one of her favorite targets, her administration has provided scant evidence that teaching associated with critical race theory — an academic framework that centers on the idea that racism is systemic in the nation’s institutions and that those institutions maintain the dominance of white people — exists in South Dakota schools. The state Department of Education spent hundreds of hours combing through its policies, guidance materials and websites, but its report released Monday found “a very small number” of instances where its material didn’t line up with Noem’s order to get rid of anything that contained “divisive concepts” on race.

The governor in a statement cast the report as “proactively removing” critical race theory as she promotes “America’s true and honest history.”

Nick Tilsen, the president of an Indigenous advocacy organization called NDN Collective, said that when the standards start out with goals like that, they are bound to further a narrative that continues to treat minority groups unjustly.

“Her approach in this curriculum further perpetuates ignorance, further perpetuates racism and white supremacy,” he said, adding “These priority areas are dominated by nationalism.”

But Native American educators, who protested after the Department of Education last year cut references to Indigenous culture and history from a draft the workgroup submitted for final approval, said the new standards continued to push Indigenous history and culture to the periphery.

“They are not inclusive to say the least. The goal was to get away from inclusivity to push an agenda that the governor deems important,” said Sarah White, who directs the South Dakota Education Equity Coalition. “It’s definitely going to further disenfranchise our students when it’s missing that Indigenous lens.”


The Associated Press reports:

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem on Monday released a revised proposal for social studies standards in public schools that lays out a mostly shining vision of American history, after an initial draft of the standards came under heavy criticism last year from conservatives.

The 15-member standards workgroup included Noem’s chief of staff, two Republican lawmakers and the director of the South Dakota Catholic Conference, but just three educators certified by the Department of Education.

The new 128-page document more than doubles the length of the proposed standards the Department of Education released last year. They are also peppered with Christian history and explore the religion’s influence on the nation’s leading figures and on Western civilization.

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Seventh graders, for example, are expected to parrot the notions that most of the Founding Fathers opposed slavery and that all Americans are “endowed with rights by the God that created them.”


PickyPecker • 35 minutes ago

if i had school aged kids, i would sue. if i wanted to brainwash them with christianist crap i’d send them to perochial.

Radori • 31 minutes ago

This is how grooming looks like

Rebecca Gardner • 29 minutes ago

We all know how awesome Christianist education is. This is an actual ChristStain skool science book. This is just so absurd I have no words.


Karl Dubhe IV • 34 minutes ago

Setup for another Supreme Court fight. They want to force Jesus down the throats of children.

Judas Peckerwood • 31 minutes ago

Seventh graders, for example, are expected to parrot the notion that most of the Founding Fathers opposed slavery

Of course they did — even their slaves knew that!

Bob’s Your Uncle – BYU • 28 minutes ago

South Dakota was colonized by hateful white supremacist genocidal Christians who broke treaties and stole land that didn’t belong to them.. I am okay with that history being taught. Not the fake lying sugar coated version this stupid bitch is selling.

Why the Sioux Are Refusing $1.3 Billion…

The Sentinel • 30 minutes ago

“Once upon a time, long before demonrat homosexuals roamed the earth, everyone was white and happy…”

Halou • 31 minutes ago • edited

Seventh graders, for example, are expected to parrot the notion that most of the Founding Fathers opposed slavery….

But don’t you dare ask how slavery was not abolished until a century later, and after 600,000 people had to die violently.
Either The Founders(TM) fucked up in not bothering to address the issue at the time, like they didn’t care about the inalienable rights. Or they fucked up by not making the political institutions of the United States resilient against traitors and human rights abusers.

Rocco • 27 minutes ago

Sometimes it is hard to believe I am living through this. They’re doing it out in the open also. SMH.

The Diabolical Hoodwink • 29 minutes ago

History is written by the victors, sadly. And soon there will not be a child in America that will know anything about slavery, the wholesale slaughter of Native Americans, and…. homosexuals.

xzargo • 32 minutes ago

How did God create rights for Americans?

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