Wedding rescued by stranger after baker refuses to make cake for lesbian couple

I am getting really tired of the open bigotry and the willingness of some to go along with it.    I try to be understanding so that if it is a misunderstanding or an issue of wrong education, I can correct these things.    But the times have reverted to where bigots and haters are taking open pride in their cruelty and their ability to slam doors in other people’s face in the name of their god, their bible, or their political party.   It is not only hurting the people involved but the ones causing the harm are then taking a victory lap celebrating the pissing on another person’s happiness, while in some cases celebrating doing all they can to ruin joyous occasions for LGBTQ+ people.   What kind of person does that?   I am getting angrier and more bitter about it.   It used to be a fringe thing, until our government got taken over by a fascist religious movement and now the highest court in the land is openly pushing religion and removing the rights of the LGBTQ+ people along with women.    50 years of progress wiped out by religious bigots.   This reminds me of the dark ages when Europe went from enlightenment to regressive religious control.   They call it the dark ages for a reason.   Please note this was the only baker int the area of what kind of cake they needed.    This answers the question of just go to a different company / place to get what you need.   There is often not another provider for what you need without a lot of trouble and travel.  

 Personal note.    I made a joke with my doctor today and mentioned my spouse.  He said she must be …   I replied “Yes Ron and I have been together …”   He immediately apologized for assuming it was a woman and using the pronoun her.   He clearly was not trying to be offensive, and the things he said showed me he was accepting of my relationship and gave it value.   I told him it was not a problem, and we continued to talk.   The reason I mention this is this doctor had the right now in Florida to end our medical relationship, to stop being my medical provider and all he would have to do is say his religious beliefs said so.  I like this doctor, I trust him, he has done a lot for me that other doctors missed, and I am following him to his new practice.   But by mentioning that my spouse was male he could have legally dropped me, refusing to provide me service in Florida.  He has the right now in the red bigoted kingdom of DeathSantis to leave me with no medical assistance in his field of practice.    That is the world we now live in as LGBTQ+, something that we once had secured wouldn’t be allowed.   How chilling it must be for younger or less secure people to be open about their relationships or being different when it can cost them their jobs, their housing, their medical providers, all the things in their lives that used to be secure.   This is what the republican maga cult Christian nationalist thugs want, to drive the LGBTQ+ back into the closet too scared to let it be known who they are.     That is what the republicans / maga cult have brought us. If you support the hate / bigotry, then this is the world you support for people like me.    Hugs

Wedding rescued by stranger after baker refuses to make cake for lesbian couple
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“We don’t know how to begin to wrap our heads around this and voice our gratitude.”

So said engaged couple Desirie White and Jess Dowd after a New York baker stepped in to save their wedding day with a free vegan cake.

In June, the pair were planning their nuptials and contracted for a cake over the phone with local vegan bakery O Taste and See Delight in Effort, PA.

After the bakery owner received the signed contract back indicating the cake would be for a same-sex couple, she denied them service.

The owner wrote: “I want to thank you again for reaching out to me and asking me to create your wedding cake. However, I will not be able to do this for you. Please accept my deepest apologies.”

“I believe that the LGBT + community has the right to live as other civilians and be protected. Yet, my refusal to make your cake is based on my fidelity to the God of Scripture, and my religious beliefs are combined with my business practices. I have refunded you the full amount of $275.00. The contract is no longer binding.”

White posted the about-face on Facebook.

“I don’t know what to make of this. I am extremely upset. I’m extremely upset that she has waited a month to the date to wait and tell us no, when I reached out to her in June.”

“Jess and I agreed we wanted to invest in her small, black owned business. I reached out to her because she specializes in cakes that I need for a medical issue. It has taken us awhile to find that type of bakery so it felt like a blessing to have found a small business that bakes vegan goodies and is about 15 minutes away from our venue.”

“I believe in God, but I know that MY GOD would not condemn or deny me because of who I am and who I love. My conscience and my decisions are made from unconditional love, respect, and understanding which I know in my heart are God’s values, too. Not fear of punishment. I’m not going to lie, this hurts really deep.”

That’s when Rebecca Riley, the owner of Peace, Love, Cupcakes in Syracuse, NY reached out online to offer the couple her own wedding day dessert, free of charge.

White told of the offer: “I immediately started crying, like something hit me in the gut. Some people in my family wouldn’t go this far for us.”

Riley posted she was “furious” with the baker’s denial of service, and since she’s “only two hours and 52 minutes away,” she would provide the couple’s vegan lemon cake for free.

White added in a follow-up post: “Rebecca extended her hand without a second thought to offer her services in making us a beautiful cake at no cost with the support of her followers.”

“One person turned their back on us and a whole community stepped up to stand beside us and the feeling I get from that is just so overwhelming… from the bottom of our gay hearts, thank you.”

While Riley got pushback on Facebook for ”patting ourselves on the back” and “shoving our liberal agendas down everyone’s throats,” she wanted her followers to know:

“Our hearts are just bursting. Thank you for all of the love and beautiful words but please know, this is about so much more than us. This is about the incredible community surrounding us and how they chose to step up just as quickly as I did, no questions asked. That’s the real feel-good story here.”

One follower commented: “You just keep kicking butt and frosting cupcakes. We know where your heart is. And we appreciate it.”

The name of the bakery that denied service is likely a reference to the Bible’s Psalm 34:8: “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”


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