Twitter Bans GOP Candidate After Post Calling for “All Floridians To Shoot FBI And All Federal Troops On Sight”

This is the republicans telling you who they are.   He doesn’t want democracy but minority rule with him part of the rulers.    He doesn’t see everyone as equal, he doesn’t want the land of the free.    Republican candidates are showing us that they are the crack pot Qanon conspiracy believing haters and bigots.  Also he wants to enforce his religion on everyone to force them to live by his church’s doctrines.     We all should be worried because the maga base loves these crazy nuts.  What about all that support the troops and back the blue slogans?    Hugs

Florida Politics reports:

A Republican candidate for the House from St. Augustine is banned from Twitter after advocating violence against the federal government. Republican Luis Miguel, running against incumbent Rep. Bobby Payne of Palatka in the redrawn House District 20, was suspended from Twitter after a tweet advocating that Floridians should be able to shoot federal agents on sight.

“Under my plan, all Floridians will be able to shoot FBI, IRS, ATF, and all other federal troops on sight,” Miguel tweeted. “Let freedom ring.” Miguel told Florida Politics Friday the suspension, which is “permanent” per a message he got on his Twitter app, “doesn’t affect (him) at all.” He stands by the proposal, which he says is justified because the IRS has been “weaponized by dissident forces.”

Read the full article.

His posts are still live on Instagram, where he also defends the Confederacy and calls himself a “proud Christian Nationalist.”

Miguel first appeared on JMG last summer when he held a rally calling for the release of “political prisoner” Capitol rioters.

In the final clip below, Miguel declares that the next presidential election “will not be decided at the ballot box, but on the battlefield.”


BeccaM • 19 hours ago

The Republican party is becoming a domestic terrorist organization.

Robert Conner • 19 hours ago


Miguel is a graduate of…(wait for it!)…Brigham Young University, did two years preaching Mormonism in Tijuana (as if Tijuana hasn’t suffered enough), advocates secession from the US, etc, etc, etc.

2 thoughts on “Twitter Bans GOP Candidate After Post Calling for “All Floridians To Shoot FBI And All Federal Troops On Sight”

  1. People like this provide some pretty scary examples of what is “out there” supporting you-know-who. Something that I don’t think most people consider when they make such (idiotic) statements is that they are speaking “in the moment.”

    If the tables were turned and their leader was in the WH … and the various authorities were investigating the opponent, would they be so adamant about getting rid of those folk who were working on their behalf? I don’t think so.

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    1. Hello Nan. You make two great points. These are fanatics to the cause of the cult worship of trump. Like all churches they want everyone to worship their orange god and will do whatever it takes to force them to do so. As to if the situation was reversed with the R / D label they would explode as you say. But reason is not something they do, look at trump jr saying it was better for his dad to have the nuclear codes unsecured at his home than Biden having them in the White House. They simply don’t even reason that out.

      Plus they don’t even understand what they are talking about, they think they are talking about the nuclear football like you need the nuclear code to open it like a locked suitcase. Inface the codes to command a nuclear response launch change last I knew every set many hours. So there is no single nuclear codes as they are thinking. Hugs

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