Right Wing Parents Object To Education With INSANE New Book Ban

A school district in Texas is considering banning the bible as well as Anne Frank’s diary. Ana Kasparian and Wosny Lambre discuss on The Young Turks.

Read more HERE: https://nypost.com/2022/08/17/bible-a…

2 thoughts on “Right Wing Parents Object To Education With INSANE New Book Ban

  1. Good grief! If people don’t want to read something … then don’t read it!! Libraries should offer books on any and ALL disciplines. Further, there have always been sections to divide books of various topics and interests. People that don’t like the bible should simply not go to that section. The same for any “sexual” topics … or any other topic that “offends.”

    But of course in the current Nazi environment, the self-appointed fuhrers are making all the decisions.

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    1. Hello Nan. The right is about control. They started the culture wars to rile up their base because they do not offer any polices to help the base and they want to distract from the fact they work for the wealthy while the base is poor. As you say the elected republican leaders do not want democracy but to rule.

      The maga movement is all about being like trump, a belligerent thug who gets his way by attacking others trying to bully and intimidate people into doing what he demands. They are people that run on feelings rather than reason. It is the authoritarian / church model of control from the top on down. The guy at the top tells the flock how they must live and the flock tells everyone else that they must live by those same rules because they must.

      We have seen the results of book bans. In the short term they keep the faithful from the information, in the long term they cause an uneducated population that is easy to manipulate. But what gets me is that we can see what religious take over has done to the Islamic countries, the denial of rights, the lack of innovation in science and education, the regressive nature of the society where the most outrageous religious ideas become reality. Yet these religious leaders have convinced their followers they want that here in the US. I don’t understand. Hugs


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