Herschel Walker makes dumbest mistake possible when asked about debate

3 thoughts on “Herschel Walker makes dumbest mistake possible when asked about debate

    1. Hello Jill. I agree with you. But it is stunning to me the republican party choose him with no vetting, or maybe they wanted someone like him, but they chose him to run against Warnock. Why, he was a sports hero black guy to run against another black guy in a state with lots of black people. Normally republicans run white men and they try to restrict voting by black people. The party is clearly anti-black people and anti-black rights. They normally hate having anything but the token black person. I think they chose him because he would be easy to control. Typical of republicans. Hugs

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      1. I’m with you, but as my friend Bro, a lifetime southerner, explains to me, in the south, sports heroes transcend boundaries, they are the “be all and end all”. So, the GOP apparently is banking on that being the case and hoping he will ‘obey’ their orders if elected. I just hope the people of Georgia exhibit a little bit of common sense and send Herschel back to the locker room!

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