I am sorry, I only got to day 6, but I must go to bed

Hello Everyone.   I am sorry.   I was 9 days behind in comments.   I tried all day today to answer them.   First thing I did when I sat at my desk I posted the most important of my news feed notifications.   Then I started on comments and watched the morning news programs.   I did not even take a nap today but kept trying to answer comments.   Ron and I decided to order pizza for supper because he and James are leaving tomorrow on their trip.   But after only two pieces of very good pizza, my dieting has shrunk my stomach, I am so tired I cannot stay awake.  My eyes are closing and my thoughts cloudy.  It is 7:24 PM.    So I got to 6 days behind.  I will pick up in the morning where I left off.   I have taken my evening medications, set my pain meds up so when my alarm goes off waking me I can take them, and go back to sleep.   Have a grand night everyone.   Loves and hugs.  Scottie

5 thoughts on “I am sorry, I only got to day 6, but I must go to bed

    1. Hello Ali. Thank you and I agree. The issue I am having now is not feeling well for 8 days I did not reply to comments. I love the comments, most of the time. It shows me how others think, where I have common understandings, where I might not have been clear enough, and often people like you add things for me to check out that are wonderful. I am doing a good job in catching up and think I should be caught up or nearly caught up by the end of today. Best wishes. Hugs

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        1. Hello Ali. Thank you, that is a grand compliment. The old blog I had for 14 years had millions of hits and thousands of followers. I am still not sure why it got nuked by WordPress. I really love my blog and the time I spend on it, because it lets me meet and interact with grand people, like you. I wouldn’t have met you without the blog. Some days when I don’t feel well and just don’t want to deal with it what keeps me going is knowing people like you read what I post and leave your thoughts for me to read, then reply to. I love it. To me the comments, like this one, are a conversation, a discussion. Anyway best wishes. Hugs


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