Texas Paul REACTS to Louisiana forcing woman to carry a fetus WITHOUT A SKULL to Term

Super important to watch!   This video puts the abortion cost to women in perspective and shows the arrogance of the no abortion crowd.   now something I want to say not addressed in this video or any other I have seen.  What no one who is talking about this is addressing is the economics of it.  This woman and her husband must pay all the hospital costs for delivering a baby that won’t live.  That cannot live.   The equivalent of being forced to pay for a car that cannot ever run, then dispose of it at your own expense.    Then because the baby was born, they must hold some funeral or burial ceremony right?  Cannot just toss it in the toxic waste bin, so someone must bear all those costs.   Then think of the damn emotional toll.  Remember this woman and her husband wanted to have this child, they were trying to have a healthy kid.   If it was me I wouldn’t ever try again after this.  Tie the tubes and snip the testis.  Hugs

A Louisiana hospital is refusing a women’s request to abort a fetus without a skull. This is the latest horrific consequence of the draconian laws passed by Republicans in the wake of the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Texas Paul reacts.

5 thoughts on “Texas Paul REACTS to Louisiana forcing woman to carry a fetus WITHOUT A SKULL to Term

    1. Hello Ali. You are more than welcome. I do this blog as you know to give voice to those who cannot speak for themselves, the vulnerable who need help standing up to the right wing thugs. I am in a safer position than many of the ones I advocate for. For example I never will face the problem of having to carry an unwanted or wanted but not viable pregnancy to term. Biologically it cannot happen. But I can advocate for those oppressed that need someone to do so. I don’t think I am a loud voice, but I think every voice makes a difference because the haters are loud and belligerent.

      Have you ever seen a series of what would you do videos that show young people being harassed or verbally attacked in public places, normally a fast-food place? I don’t know what show put them on because the clips I started to watch upset me so much I couldn’t watch them. The setup is either an adult or other kids attacking one kid for being gay or something like that. One was of an abusive parent threating to hit their kid. These are all actors so no real danger. But the idea was to see what people would do. Would they ignore the threats to the kid or would they intervene? I am of the group that yes I would stick my nose into that bee’s nest and risk the stings. Because a vulnerable person needed the help I could give. I think you also are a person that would do so. Hugs

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      1. Yes, I’ve seen ads for those, and watched a few clips. They are difficult to observe. My recollection is it was an ABC network show called “What Would You Do?” that ran on Friday nights. I watched a few, and the few I chose were upsetting, but did show people doing the right thing, and all was well that ended well.
        The thing is the stories that didn’t end well. But, that’s why we work!

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