The difference between conservatives and liberals

Randy left this incredible grand tweet in a comment on a post.   It is so grand I felt more people needed to see it.    Thanks again brother.   Hugs

Hi Scottie;
I’ve come to the point that I no longer find myself at all surprised what the repukes do. I did find this interesting tweet, thought I’d share it below.
Hope you are moving better from your voting. It says just how much you believe in… well, just how much you walk the walk, and not just talk the talk.

10 thoughts on “The difference between conservatives and liberals

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    Scottie posted this twitter video today and … this guy gets down to the very core, the basics, in his explanation of the division between Liberal and Conservative in this nation. He is so spot on that I just had to share it! Thanks, Scottie! Hugs

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    1. Hello Nan. He put it clearly and simply so that everyone could understand. I bet it pisses off those trying to lie to the rabid right. But that is why the republicans concentrate so much energy into the culture wars and attacking the LGBTQ+ and people of color. Hugs

      OT. It works!!!!!! I am so happy. We are having a bad rain / thunderstorm. Every time this happens, we lose power for seconds at a time, sometimes repeatedly but it normally comes right back on either in a few seconds or a couple minutes. We just lost power while I was writing this and posting a video on the other computer. While the house lost power the computer systems kept going along with the router and modem. All of my large set up did not even register the power loss. I love it. I texted James and told him I owed him a very big hug when he got home and a treat of his choice. Hugs

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  2. I think it’s way off, though it was apt when Carlin spoke. The word “conservative”connotes conserving. Today’s so-called conservatives are destroying. I wish the media and others would use “reactionaries”instead.

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    1. Hello Annie. After the Carlin comment, he starts with “Conservatives care about profit, Liberals care about people”. Now I agree with that as a definition. But due to your comment I tried to find the quote by George Carlin. Big surprise I cannot, it seems he never said it, at least not that way. He had a lot to say about both conservatives and liberals but never that exact quote that I could find.

      I think even though it seems to be made up that the idea is true, that conservatives / republicans really only care about the profits their donors can make and so work for them, while the liberals meaning the progressive wing of the democrats really care about the people. I am not sure the corporate democrats do as they seem to work harder for the corporate needs than the people’s needs.

      Yes you are correct what we would call conservatives today is the republican party. They are not the republican party of the 1960s or earlier. They are the party that came to power with Reagan and morphed into the party of trump. They are trying to destroy the government and all that the country stands for. Reagan said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help. ”

      I agree with you on wishing our media would describe things better. But corporations control the media in the US and for them the news is about making money. So until the majority of the people no longer get their news / information from broadcast / cable networks we will have to fight back as best we can. Many hugs

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