Texas Karen calls cops over gay graphic novel


I am other people have been saying since the start of the anti-LGBTQ+ stuff in schools this was about making the LGBTQ+ and every mention of us go away just like in Russia / China / Islamic countries.  These people think that by doing this we LGBTQ+ people will disappear also.   If not, they will ban us also again like in Russia / China /Islamic countries.  One person feels entitled to ban everyone from reading this book.    This entitlement and hate is driven by the top republican elected officials in the state.  While this story is from Texas it is happening in Florida and other red states.    These people will come after others not like them, the jews, Muslims, or other sects of Christianity when they get rid of the LGBTQ+.   Think how much hate and privilege has been given to these haters in just a few years.   I could list the reasons the republicans are pushing this hate and why the base is loving it but I have covered it many times before.     Hugs
Texas Karen calls cops over gay graphic novel

A police officer in Katy, Texas recently removed a copy of Mike Curato’s Flamer, a gay YA graphic novel, from a high school library shelf in the small town near Houston.

And then he put it back.

The school district kerfuffle was instigated by a local book-banning Karen, who remains anonymous.

The woman claimed the coming-of-age story, with a publisher’s recommended reading age of 14+ or with adult guidance, was “pornographic” and “harmful” to minors.

According to a Katy Independent School District police report, the one-woman dust-up started July 21 when she arrived at police headquarters (Texas school districts maintain their own police forces).

She complained that Katy ISD was violating Texas penal code 43.24, which “prohibits the sale, distribution or display of harmful material to minors,” because the book was available in high school libraries.

The woman said she’d already filed complaints about the book with the school district, but wasn’t satisfied with the outcome.

She wanted to speak to a manager.

Curato’s Flamer is a semi-autobiographical story about a boy navigating friendship and bullying at summer camp. It won the 2021 Lambda Literary Award for Children’s and Young Adult Literature and made Texas’ own 2021 Maverick Graphic Novels Reading List of the Texas Library Association, among many other accolades.

The book had already been reviewed by a school district committee in March, and deemed appropriate for high-schoolers.

According to the police report, the woman said her complaint originated at Jordan High School in Katy, but the book was also in other high schools, so she wanted to “extend the grievance” to the entire district.

“Per Governor Abbott and the TEA, the book ‘Flamer’ should have been removed from KISD library shelves but it still remains,” the woman said in a follow-up email to police. “The KISD Police Report will be sent to the Texas Rangers office.”

According to Maria Corrales DiPetta, general manager of media relations for the district, that’s when a Katy ISD officer “checked out” the book as part of the investigation.

The school’s principal “explained that when ‘Flamer’ was initially complained on [sic], it was pulled from school library shelves, reviewed, permanently removed from junior high libraries, and then returned to high school libraries upon being deemed appropriate for high school,” the police report states.

A district deputy superintendent provided documents from the review process.

Katy ISD police deemed the Karen’s claim “unsubstantiated”.

“The book has gone through multiple review processes by the district, including one with a committee made up of librarians, parents, and teachers, and deemed appropriate for high school libraries,” the report reads. “The complainant also still has the opportunity to take her complaint before the KISD board.” Again.

Houston Chronicle analysis found that in Katy ISD, 104 books were reviewed and 43 were removed or partially removed since 2018, making it one of the most restrictive school districts in the state.


5 thoughts on “Texas Karen calls cops over gay graphic novel

  1. 🤣🤣 Ha, ha, Karen!
    Along these lines, I saw this: https://www.comicsands.com/rayla-campbell-lgbtq-book-porn-2657898756.html . Now that’s a busy page, so here are snippets:

    ‘Rayla Campbell, a Republican candidate running to become the next Secretary of State for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, claimed the book Gender Queer—which has been the subject of numerous challenges beginning in 2021 with objections focusing on a handful of explicit illustrations—is actually “child porn.”
    ‘Campbell appeared on stage at a “Back the Blue” rally in Plymouth, Massachusetts last week where she reportedly displayed a copy of the book.’
    ‘As for what actually happened, we can refer to the following statement from a Plymouth Police Department representative: “An anonymous person accused her of holding a book containing child pornography. Officer asked to view it and she showed him the book.”
    ‘”Officer found no child pornography in the book. She was not detained nor was she or her car searched.”
    ‘Campbell has become rather infamous in Massachusetts for actively campaigning to censor books promoting LGBTQ+ rights and sex education for children.’

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    1. Hello Ali. Thank you for expanding what we know about this story. Some people seem to have the idea that anything that mentions a LGBTQ+ character or anything about the LGBTQ+ community is porn and shouldn’t ever be seen by youth. Of course they are wrong. More than wrong they are malicious. Thanks for the clips. Hugs

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