I heard a podcast talk of this.

Due to the wording of the law schools that have not been offered one of these “In god we trust” signs must accept them if they are donated.   Must take them!   The people who wrote the law tried hard to anticipate and rule out any sabotage by people who did not want to push the Christian religion on everyone.    But they missed this.   So this atheist activist donated a bunch of these “In god we trust” signs in  … Arabic!   Grand.    By the law the schools must post them in a prominent place.   Hugs


6 thoughts on “I heard a podcast talk of this.

  1. I wonder if “In Allah We Trust” would be allowed? After all, Allah is nothing more than the Arabic word for “God.” I don’t think there are any LAWS that would prevent this … but of course, the “Christians” would surely find one. Or quickly make one up.

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    1. Hello Nan. One of the republicans behind the bill was furious about this claiming it clearly violated what the bill wanted. Yes I guess it does because the bill is designed to push the Christian god. That is the goal. These people don’t want any god pushed, they don’t want spiritualism and moral behavior, they want kids to be constantly reminded of the Christian god. The funny thing is the people who wrote the bill tried to put in the law all the things not allowed that had been used to get around these laws in other places. But they missed this one, and I bet next year they will fix it to say only English will be allowed. By the way I just posted how a Chrisitan company took over 4 school boards and passed the most restrictive rules on what teachers can teach / share about race, history, and the LGBTQ+. They do intend to take over the schools first to push Christian indoctrination, then the rest of the government. Hugs https://postimg.cc/McGjrvsx

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