Rightwing journalist uses Nazi book-burning picture while calling LGBTQ books “filth”


The fascist maga brownshirt thugs of the right have long targeting the LGBTQ+ and other minorities they can make the boogeyman.    Hugs

OAN's Kara McKinney and the Hitler Youth image
OAN’s Kara McKinney and the Hitler Youth image Photo: Screenshot

One America News (OAN) reporter Kara McKinney used a photo of Nazis burning books while calling LGBTQ literature “filth” that deserved to be banned earlier this week on her show.

McKinney was ranting about how Democrats “use their outsize media influence” to trick voters into thinking that conservatives want to ban books

“It’s the [unintelligible] Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals tactic of accusing your political opponent of what you’re doing yourself,” McKinney insisted as she showed an image of the Hitler Youth burning books that were labeled “anti-German” in 1938.

But less than a minute later, she was arguing for banning books.

“I think banning pornographic books from school libraries was not only justifiable, it’s the only moral option,” she said.

Of course, no school libraries are handing out pornography to students. What she’s talking about is the presence of LGBTQ-themed books in school libraries, which conservatives have been calling “pornography” for the past year.

Massachusetts secretary of state candidate Rayla Campbell (R) last week even had the police called on her because she was waving around a book that she called “child pornography.” The police officer who responded determined that she was not in possession of child porn, that she was just holding the memoir of nonbinary and asexual author Maia Kobabe.

McKinney pressed on: “It’s our duty, in fact, to purge our schools of such filth.”

If anything, McKinney’s use of the Hitler Youth image while talking about banning LGBTQ literature is apt; the Nazi Party destroyed Magnus Hirschfeld’s Institute of Sexology – which did pioneering work on understanding LGBTQ identities, including transgender people – in 1933, years before the onset of World War II.

The Institute of Sexology, founded in 1919, was a pioneering research institute on homosexuality and transgender identity. Hirschfield himself advocated for an end to Paragraph 175, the German law that criminalized homosexuality, which made him a target of the Nazis.

On May 6, 1933 — several months before Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany — the Institute of Sexology was broken into and occupied by a Nazi student organization. Several days later, the contents of its library were moved to Bebelplatz Square in Berlin and burned, according to the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.


5 thoughts on “Rightwing journalist uses Nazi book-burning picture while calling LGBTQ books “filth”

    1. Hello Roger. You made me learn history, I looked up those places and read the horrors and crimes of them. My education was very vague to the point of being misleading about that war. Basically misleading American exceptionalism where we swooped in and saved the rest of the world’s bacon for them. I know now that was not correct, but generations of US kids were taught that.

      She may be one of these that has no idea of what really happened or might be one that is Nazi supportive. It seems she is one of the many on the US right now that are very pro-Nazi. Hugs

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      1. Hi Scottie.
        I’ve been reading Military history since my childhood. Doing so can open your eyes and also maybe give you a detached perceptive which others might find disturbing. It has to be said without the USA’s intervention WWII would have turned out quite differently, not so much Germany and Japan winning but a long drawn out who knows what. That said the USA’s intervention was inevitable at some stage.
        I have a great deal of respect for the efforts of the American folk on the front lines in WWII. Their efforts were exceptional, their sacrifices heavy which is why I get very angry with these pro-Nazi oafs of these days
        As you can see from this Wikipedia item pro-Nazism has a very shabby history in the USA:

        PS: For a different take on WWI II highly recommend the YA alternate history trilogy Front Line, Silver Star and Purple Heart by Michael Grant, in which he lays out a perfectly logical scenario in which young women are drafted into US forces as front line infantry. They are gritty, with the whole gamut of emotions and well researched

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        1. Hello Roger. Thank you for the link. Yes I have read some of the history of the Nazis in the US and how they tried to glamorize Hiter. But no matter how they dress it up it still comes down to hate for others.

          Don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt the heroism and valor of the US service people of the time, they gave their all to win the war, often with less gear than they should have had. But to be taught that the US almost won the war by itself denies the effort and sacrifice of all the rest that stood up to the Nazis and fought against Germany. Despite those that want to make the history of the US seem to be non-stop glory and being 100% correct in all things fair in the name democracy, the US has deep flaws, warts, and has opportunistically preyed on other countries. I would rather have the true history of the US acknowledged so that we can work toward a better country in the future. Hugs

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          1. Britain played the same spin on History Scottie, only in a slightly subtle way.
            ‘Holding out against impossible odds, until Pearl Harbour finally gave FDR the final piece in the argument. Then (In Europe at least, sorting out the mistakes the unprofessional Americans made,’
            That still is the viewpoint in some sections.
            Of course Russia has an entirely different take and a 20,000,000 body count to add weight.
            (As another example of this sort of thing historians are still arguing over who was responsible for the victory at Waterloo,,,,,Wellington and his british (polyglot army) or Blucher and his Prussian Army.)
            History in the raw has a lot of harsh lessons. Which is why folk like to make up their own.

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