Arizona MAGA Governor Candidate Kari Lake EXPOSED saying ‘women are not equal’

Arizona Democratic candidate for Governor Katie Hobbs has begun putting out a series of ads showing her opponent radical MAGA Republican candidate Kari Lake’s dangerous positions. In this first digital ad by Hobbs, Kari Lake is exposed saying that women are not equal to me

5 thoughts on “Arizona MAGA Governor Candidate Kari Lake EXPOSED saying ‘women are not equal’

  1. If she truly believes that women are not equal to men, then she has NO BUSINESS running for elected office because from her OWN perspective, she is not CAPABLE of holding an office that is historically held by MEN! SMH

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    1. Hello Nan. Yes! But why would she an ambitious woman not feel equal to men? The only reason I can think of she is doing this is to appeal to trump. Everyone wants to be trump’s new running mate and they all want to have the magic words that please him. How debasing. How any woman, even religious women, can debase themselves by claiming that men are superior to them as a group. Not all men are better than all women. No matter what a book wrote 2,500 years ago says we know better now even by just anecdotal evidence. We all know of women that are far superior to men in every way. Why are men held up as the standard of superiority anyway? Have these people seen men. Seriously this is messed up. I hope people like her never get elected. Hugs

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  2. A bit of a shift on the topic story …

    IMO, women are superior to men for one big reason … they don’t REACT … they ACT. IOW, they will work to find ways to bring people together rather than argue, fight, and SHOOT those that disagree.

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    1. Hello Nan. I have no issues with women in charge. So far all wars in the world have been started by men. Many successful countries that take care of their people are run by women, many by younger women. I have no issue with that. But look at the people who just couldn’t vote for Hillary one of the most capable if corporate women to ever run for office, but over a third of the country just couldn’t vote for a woman in the presidency. Elisabeth Warren was supremely qualified, and the corporate world pushed Biden, with Bloomberg going so far as to use 500 million of his own money to run just to stop her from becoming the nominee because he did not want higher taxes. Side note because he is a billionaire, he made that 500 million back in three months. So while I have no problem with women leaders, I think the US is too juvenile to accept one any time soon. Hugs


      1. I’m not sure I agree with Hillary’s qualifications, but yes, as a WOMAN, she would undoubtedly taken us in a different direction.

        Just using the current “gun” situation as an example, American men will never allow women to take charge since most of them (women) are opposed to violence and would undoubtedly work towards an environment that doesn’t include weapons of death.

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