Man tackled by security at DC hotel after threatening to shoot gay people

This is what the increasing toxic rhetoric spewed by the republicans and hate preachers produces.   This week I have posted of people calling on the government and others to put the LGBTQ+ to death.   Some of the rabid right thugs will do it.  Hugs 

Back view of man holding a gun near a car
Photo: Shutterstock

D.C. police have arrested a man who allegedly used anti-gay slurs while threatening hotel workers with a gun.

Court documents describe how Dylan Nation, 21, was staying at the Carlyle Hotel near the LGBTQ neighborhood of Dupont Circle when he got into an argument with his girlfriend at 1:20 p.m. this past Wednesday. A hotel security worker saw them arguing and “stepped in,” the Washington Blade reports.

Nation allegedly told the security guard he needed to get his face wash from his car, but instead he went to his car to get his gun. The girlfriend told the guard that Nation had a gun in his car so the guard went out there to find Nation arguing with another hotel worker.

The security worker told Nation not to bring a gun into the hotel because it’s not allowed, and that’s then Nation allegedly pointed the gun at him and said he will “blow his skull off.” The security guard took away his gun and took out the bullets and told someone to call the police.

He argued trying to get his gun back, and court documents say that the audio was caught on security camera footage. He can allegedly be heard saying that the hotel workers are “not tough because they are from the fa***t part of D.C. and that his gun is only for fa***ts and pu***es,” the records say.

Then Nation tried to flee when he heard the police were coming but the security guard tackled him on a sidewalk.

Nation, who lives in Tennessee, has a preliminary hearing today. The incident is not being investigated as a hate crime.


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