Some stories from Joe My God I found interesting from yesterday.

Yesterday I was not functioning well and couldn’t think clear enough to post.    I think everyone knows why.   I am doing better today and hope to get stronger in the next few days.    Here are the blurbs from Joe My God that had some very interesting stories.   I was barely able to process them, much less post them, but they are important information to know.   Hugs

Graham Predicts “Riots In The Streets” If Trump Is Prosecuted, Trump Then Shares Clip On Truth Social

He commits a crime.   Even his people admit he had the documents, that he was asked for over a year to return them, that he refused claiming they were his, but they clearly are not by law.    So now if he is held to the same laws everyone else are held to his supporters will riot?   What happened to the party of law and order?  What happened to the right saying “just comply with the police … Hugs

Trump Calls On FBI Agents To Revolt Against Leadership

WTF.    I think all the criminals want the police to do this and protect them.   hgus

Proud Boy Sentenced To 4.5 Years In Capitol Riot

The Proud Boys are the enforcer arm of the republican maga crowd.  Remember trump saying, “Proud Boys, stand by and stand back”.   Hugs

Masters Blames Economy On Blacks, Gays, Women

Masters has scrubbed his web sites of the 2020 election stolen from trump, his undying support for anti-abortion, and anything else that might look like the hard right rabid republican that he is.  They cannot win the primary without trump and cannot win the general with him.   Hugs

Safeway Mass Shooter Named, Posted “Manifesto”

This is scary.  Hope the viewers in Oregon are safe.    I did post this one yesterday as I was concerned.    But it is getting to the point that the that people hate to go out in public.   One woman in the story said that, she asks why it is OK that she has to worry about being shot going to get her groceries.   All because some people are so insecure that they need to have multiple guns for everything they do every day.  Hugs

Study: Melting Ice Sheet Will Raise Sea Level 10 Inches

Yes and so it must be followed by this.  Hugs

Fox Host: Liberals Know Climate Change Isn’t Real

5 thoughts on “Some stories from Joe My God I found interesting from yesterday.

    1. Hello Nan. I am glad you are safe. But is it right that you should be unnerved or worried about going grocery shopping? Is it right that the entire country must be worried to go out in public to do the tasks we all must do worrying about the odd gunman who will go off shooting us, just so some ammosexuals can have their guns in public? What happens when no one feels safe going out? Will the government do something about the gun problem then? Recently a very large event that provided a large influx of money to the community was cancelled because the state refused to let them ban the open carry of guns to the event. At what point will the balance tip? At what point do the rights of the not wanting to be shot equal the rights of the need to carry guns? it is a vocal minority that demands to carry a gun everywhere and every time there is a public shooting the sales of guns go up as more people feel unsafe. What the gun sellers / manufactures / gun lovers want is the fantasy they think the wild west was, made popular due to Hollywood, that everyone carried guns everywhere. That real men always had a gun and could use it to solve every problem. But that is a total lie. It never happened. In the western US in those times guns were strictly regulated and were too expensive for most people to carry and waste ammo using. These jerks all think they are the Rifle Man Chuck Conners. They might be surprised to know he was a gay guy. Hugs

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      1. Ha-Ha … that’s pretty comical about Chuckie-baby. And you’re right — I bet quite a few MACHO men would be surprised!!

        As for shopping and guns … my other-half and I talked yesterday about what a person should do if they heard gun shots in a grocery store. As news reports have indicated, people tend to run. Unless you’re near an entrance door, I’m not sure that’s the best move. I think I would drop and play dead … or if I was near one of the doors that lead to the store’s storage area, I would go there since there would be access to an outside door … and THEN I would run! Of course in moments of panic, the best laid plans …

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        1. I feel for you. Back in 1999 I was attending a seminar in Costa Mesa, California. One lunchtime, I, a Brit and 5 or 6 Americans went in search of something different from what passed as lunchtime meals in that city. We’d been walking for around 5, maybe 10 minutes, when there was a series of loud bangs that I assumed was a car backfiring. Then it suddenly dawned on me that the only two people standing fully upright and not sheltering were the Brit and myself. I was quite confused. Then one of the American attendees who was crouched down beside a parked car called out in a loud whisper “Get down you idiot! Do you want to get shot?” At first I thought he was kidding, but the urging from the other attendees who were also attempting to make themselves invisible (unsuccessfully, I might add) made me realise that I lived in a very different world. Just about every location that might have offered some protection from a shooter was already taken, so by the time I thought it might really be gunshots, people were starting to come out of hiding. I have no idea whether or not those sounds were gunshots, but the fact that everyone should act that way to loud unexpected noises made me thankful that I was only in America for 10 days. I suspect people are even more nervous when out and about these days given how often US shootings are mentioned in our news bulletins.

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          1. I never used to give shopping or running errands two thoughts. It was just a matter of getting in the car and going to the store(s) and doing whatever I needed to do. Now? While not a complete upper-mind concern, it does float around in the background. Fortunately, we don’t live in a large city … although as statistics have shown, size often doesn’t matter. Brrrr!

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