Alex Jones Tells His Audience To Use Political Violence And Prepare For War

Alex Jones fearmongered about the bringing down of America, warning his viewers that the left wing is plotting the enslavement of America.

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“Jones added the globalists, whom he clarified are “mid-level,” have tricked many Americans into thinking there will merely be a “leftist revolution.” In fact, Jones prophesied, there will be a “civil war.”

7 thoughts on “Alex Jones Tells His Audience To Use Political Violence And Prepare For War

    1. Hello Nan. Yes a number of years ago, maybe five or six I think, during his divorce his wife wanted full custody of the children. Jones had to go into court and claim he was just acting a bit to make money. Once the case was over he immediately retracted that and told his followers he was forced to do it by liberal judges who hated the right and took his kids from him or some shit. He has said so many over the top and crazy things and gotten kicked off so many platforms because to keep the money coming in he has to do what all the right wing platforms do, rile up the audience, get them angry and keep them that way for a whole show. The people that follow Jones, Tucker, Hannity, Jeanine Pirro are people that run on emotion, they need that emotional high, that fix. To get the same kick they have to be revved up higher and higher. As to if he really is that crazy, he seems to know how to turn a buck. Hugs


        1. Hello Nan. You might be thinking of his recent dodge to get out of paying anything on the Sandy Hook cases he faced. After he was found guilty by the judge, and it went into the trial of how much he should pay the defendants he claimed to have a sudden change of heart saying he was irresponsible in saying it was not a real shooting while trying to downplay what he really said. Here are a couple links. Hugs


          1. But didn’t he ALSO admit that he was guilty of “stretching the truth” at this trial? I didn’t pay THAT much attention … just read a few snippets here and there … enough to learn what was going on … but from what I did come across, I remember thinking … WOW. He actually admitted pretty much ALL of the stuff he says is for effect.

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  1. Do you think that there is any chance of him actually leading the people he wants to fight from anywhere near the front. More likely he will hide out far from the troubles he is igniting, perhaps heading with his soul mate Raphael to Cancun.

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    1. Hello Muttpupdad. You are very correct. No way he would be in the front of a fight. He would be leading from way behind in a coffee shop somewhere. His only use would be to spout nonsense as much as possible. Hugs


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