Cochise County sheriff: 7-year-old student had 2 guns, ammunition in backpack

What the hell is going on!   This is lawful gun ownership when a 7 year old can get ahold of and go to school with 2 handguns and ammo?   Why did the kid feel he should take them to school.   What kind of storage did the parents have for the guns?   Hugs

A 7-year-old boy at a Cochise County school was discovered with two guns and ammunition in his backpack on Monday, according to the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies arrived and met with school officials and the second-grade student, who they learned was discovered with a gun and ammunition inside of his backpack. After searching his backpack, they found a second handgun.

The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office did not identify the student nor specify what school the incident occurred at.

The parents of the student were contacted, and a “juvenile referral” was completed for charges of misconduct with a weapon and a minor in possession of a firearm.

Similar incidents have taken place in Arizona this year. On Thursday, a gun was confiscated from a fourth-grade student attending Legacy Traditional School in Queen Creek.

And in March, a 15-year-old teenager was arrested after he brought a gun to Verrado High School and had it confiscated by officials.


5 thoughts on “Cochise County sheriff: 7-year-old student had 2 guns, ammunition in backpack

    1. Hello Nan. But the fact that a 7 year old could get these and put them in his backpack without his parents knowing shows a lot of “legal gun owner” failures. Everything from proper storage to making sure the kid couldn’t accidentally shoot himself or others. Plus the story did not mention why the kid brought them to school. Was he being bullied? Was it for show and tell? Did the boy even understand what he was doing was wrong? So many unanswered questions. But what upsets me is the pro-gun people saying that any regulations are an attack on the legal gun owners. But they are all legal until they’re not. Hugs

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  1. Hi Scottie;
    I don’t understand why a juvenile referral was made and an adult “moron owning multiple guns”, guns that are accessible to a 7 year old who takes them to school, who could easily have hurt multiple little ones… Why was that “referral” not made?

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    1. Hello Randy. I agree. You are 100% correct. Why are the adults not responsible for properly storing and controlling the guns. I don’t know from the story why the kids brought them to school, did the boy know he was doing anything wrong? If he had seen guns all over the house unsecured at home, then he might not realize he shouldn’t take them to school. A 7 year old being referred to the justice system is wrong. That is too young to know better. Better to investigate the parents for neglect or keeping an unsafe home. Hugs

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