Social Workers QUIT to Protest Greg Abbott’s Anti-Trans Policy

Social Workers are protesting Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s anti-trans polices by quitting their jobs. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks.

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“Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) order to investigate the parents of transgender youth for child abuse caused behind-the-scenes tumult at the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services caused by, according to internal emails.

In February, Texas attorney general Ken Paxton (R) issued a non-binding opinion stating that gender affirming health care for transgender youth is a form of child abuse. A week later, the governor directed DFPS to investigate parents who support their transgender children and allow them access to gender affirming medical care prescribed by their doctors in a letter sent to the agency.

Gender-affirming care for both adolescents and adults has been endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Medical Association, American Psychological Association, and other major medical/mental health organizations as necessary and frequently lifesaving for transgender individuals. Gender affirming care for minors does not involve surgical procedures.”

3 thoughts on “Social Workers QUIT to Protest Greg Abbott’s Anti-Trans Policy

  1. This just nauseates me, literally. I don’t go to as dark a place as some do when reading these, but this is very bad, and people there should pay attention and do the same thing about this that they do when they see Drag Storytelling happening. I’m fairly certain a quick check would find that there aren’t that many social workers in TX to begin with (because there aren’t in KS, and Brownback did that because Perry did that. Anyway.) Following Gov. Abbott’s pattern, either he just won’t rehire social workers, or he’ll make sure the new hires pass certain “tests,” as happened in KS under Brownback. In KS, Children In Need Of Care slept in contractors’s offices on sofas because there wasn’t funding for social workers or fosters.
    Meanwhile, there go yet more advocates for children who need care. While trans kids have enough trouble without even being fosters, fosters aren’t in for much easier times than they had at home, it seems in TX. Shame on them.
    Trans issues are human issues.

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  2. Hello Ali. Well said. Everything you mentioned is true and happening. As I recently posted the goal was to take transitioning kids from supportive parents and put them in foster care situations where the transitioning would stop and be denied to them. If they were socially transitioning, they would be forced to go back to dressing and acting like the stereotypical gender role of their birth assignment, if they were on hormones / puberty blockers these would be denied forcing them to go through the wrong puberty or to revert to the wrong gender physically instead of progressing. That was the plan. A judge has put an injunction on it. But you know that Abbott is trying hard to find a court that will let him move forward with removing the kids from their loving families. And he is doing it for political not medical reasons. He has to out hate / maga DeathSantis in Florida. Hugs

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