Rightwing pundit mocked for being too excited while denouncing “lesbians on the moon”


Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, Pete Buttigieg
Ben ShapiroPhoto: YouTube screenshot

Far right pundit Ben Shapiro was mocked online for claiming that lesbians aren’t qualified to be astronauts and that NASA hiring lesbians is “like a bad pornography.”

Earlier this week, NASA announced that the launch of Artemis I — a mission to put an uncrewed space capsule into the moon’s orbit — was going to be delayed until next week. It was originally scheduled to launch on August 29 but was delayed until September 5 due to some technical problems. It has been delayed again until September 6 due to bad weather forecasts for September 5.

While for most people this is, at most, a sign of how cautious NASA is when it comes to major launches that take years of study, manufacturing, and planning, Shapiro of The Daily Wire thinks he understands the true problem: there are too many lesbians at NASA now that Joe Biden is president.

“According to CNN, the launch of NASA’s historic Artemis I moon mission has been postponed after the team was unable to work through an issue with one of the rocket’s fore engines,” Shapiro said on his podcast The Ben Shapiro Show. “But, the really really important thing is that when we do go to the moon, we have to have a lesbian on the moon.”

“Lesbians on the moon!” he shouted, laughing at his joke about an uncrewed capsule that isn’t going to land on the moon. “This is what we need, it sounds like a bad pornography.”

He then implied that lesbians aren’t qualified to go into space: “I thought it would be, you know, the most qualified people that we ought to send to space.”

On Twitter, he got mocked for sexualizing lesbians and implying that they’re not qualified to be astronauts even though lesbians have been going into space since 1983 when Sally Ride flew on Challenger.



5 thoughts on “Rightwing pundit mocked for being too excited while denouncing “lesbians on the moon”

    1. Hello Roger. 😀😄😉 It amazes me this guy is what the right considers an intellectual and deep thinker. He is the go to media star of the younger right wingers. His arguments are crap, but he talks veery rapidly and asserts that what he is saying is “just a fact” or “well known fact”. Everything he presents is done in a way that it seems there can be no debate, but if you look at what he is saying you find his arguments make no sense and are riddled with falsehoods. Hugs

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