Carlson: Africa Should Be Grateful For Colonialism – JMG

Some points about this.   It clearly shows that Carlson is a white supremacist racist.  He is saying that white people improved the black peoples lives by ruling them.  By taking over the black peoples countries.   Some how he sees subjugating, conquering, and forcing other people to behave and live by the religous dictates of the invaders.    Hugs


Media Matters reports:

The British Empire spread Protestant Christianity to the entire world. A country in the North Atlantic the size of Alabama that somehow took over the world and ruled it with decency unmatched by any empire in human history.

The British Empire was not perfect, but it was far more humane than any other, ever. It’s gone now, barely even remembered. Queen Elizabeth II was the last living link to a truly great Britain.

The British Empire was evil, they wrote, apparently totally unaware of what came after it. And speaking of, what did come after the British Empire?

How, for example, did Africa fare after the British left? Let’s see, Uganda got Idi Amin, who was a cannibal. Rhodesia became Zimbabwe and then became the poorest country on the planet under the racist lunatic Robert Mugabe. As of tonight, South Africa is still being run into the ground by an incompetent kleptocrat called Cyril Ramaphosa.

So it’s hard to see any of that as an improvement, because it’s not an improvement. Sorry, Atlantic magazine. And now, of course, the entire continent of Africa has a new master, the Chinese government. China is the latest colonial power to dominate Africa. Its subjects will be pining for the British soon, assuming they are not already.

Bilderbeck • 9 minutes ago

Tucker Carlson Charlatanism: Diversity Hiring Edition

“While Tucker Carlson attacks diversity at every opportunity, a job listing for his own show says, “We are deeply committed to diversity.”

“Tucker Carlson doesn’t just oppose diversity, he demonizes it with inflammatory rhetoric. For example:

“On the Tucker Carlson Tonight show, frequent guest Heather Mac Donald complained about the “scourge of diversity” to the approving host.

“In his own commentary, Carlson played the victim of diversity by arguing that diversity weakens the U.S. and whining, “why does anyone who questions [diversity supporters] need to be shamed, silenced and fired?” He also held himself up as a voice of courage for speaking out against this supposed oppression, saying, “We won’t stop talking.”…

Paul • 10 minutes ago

It’s the “low IQ” dogwhistle.

Todd20036 • 11 minutes ago

And according to history books made in Texas, Africa is quite grateful for Europeans to enslave them

Smokey • 6 minutes ago

ruled it with decency?
I’m sure a few of those colonies would beg to differ.

Professor Barnhardt Smokey • 3 minutes ago

That’s what I was going to say.

In every last place where Great Britain was ousted, the citizens set off fireworks every year in joyous celebration of the anniversary of the event.

15 thoughts on “Carlson: Africa Should Be Grateful For Colonialism – JMG

    1. Hello taurusingemini. 100% correct. There is no way other way to look at this, no one wants to be property with no rights or recourse to being abused. What struck me is if you read the news and “science articles from the Southern States that were trying to support slavery they admitted that the white people not only did not want to do the hot hard manual labor they forced the slaves to do, they claimed that the whites couldn’t do it but that the black slaves were OK with it as they were beasts of burden like livestock and horses. Wrong, very wrong, but it admits that the white slave owners knew what they were demanding of the black slaves was hard demeaning struggling labor and they were unwilling to pay the slave for doing it. More profit. Hugs


  1. Scottie, I cannot decide if this commentary by the opinion entertainment host is more arrogant or more inane. Think of all the slaves captured and brought to the states stacked on top of one another with Yertle the Turtle on top surveying his realm of what he can see. Those in the stack were not feeling too fortunate. Keith

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      1. Hello Roger. My dogs that love gravy you should hear what Tucker said about sending immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard? He went on a 20 minute rant about how it was going to be trashed and full of shanty towns with horrible names like Mandella and how great it is now that it is 89% white, wealthy, crime free, everyone is good and loving because they are all white. He ranted that the entire US used to be that way. Until we let the black / brown in the US and then it became a dirty crime filled hellhole. He is not even using dog whistles anymore; he is openly flat out racist. Right wing media is rushing full steam into Nazism and trying to create a white ethnostate. Hugs

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    1. Hello Keith. Yes! as I mentioned before the articles in favor of slavery mentioned that whites did not want to do the miserable hard hot labor work of the fields and that is why they needed to force black people to do it, and to make it seem OK they demeaned black people as less than people and more as beasts of burden. I am terribly worried about the attempts to whitewash the slave period of the US and just how brutal it was, along with minimizing racism as it continued even now. By changing history you can change the public perception of the event. Just as the republicans and the right wing media are trying to do with Jan 6th now. Hugs


      1. Scottie, somewhere deep down, people do not want to be made to look like a fool. So, whenever possible, if we can pose questions to get underneath that laminated Trump support, we may get someone to think more. This is how African-American Daryl Davis got KKK members to shed their robes and quit the KKK – he listened and then asked questions. Keith

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        1. Hello Keith. That may work with people willing to hear what they are saying and think about it. But I have posted enough video interviews with trump maga cultist who get caught saying the most absurd things that when turned around on them they don’t even care or see how ridiculous what they said is. Because they refuse to even try to reason on what they are saying, it is repeated rote by them then accepted as facts. Hugs


      2. It’s a great point about the field work. But of course, they don’t want to bring that up because they (and pretty everyone else) KNOW the value of the “brown folk” over the years. Of course, from their perspective, these are just trashy folks that want something for nothing.

        One thing that’s regrettable as related to black people is because they have been so pushed down over the years and denied opportunities, many of them DO fit the image that these ignoramuses visualize. And if they were HONEST (!), they would admit there are WHITE people who fit that same mold.

        However, when checking your bank account(s) is the first thing you do each morning, it’s pretty difficult to see anything beyond the dollar sign.

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  2. So this guy says people should be grateful for being colonised….OK then. Does that mean he does not approve of the Founding Fathers , they being ungrateful rebels to their sovereign King?
    And there is the irony of this White fellow saying Black folk should be grateful to White folk, while referring to Robert Mugabe as a racist lunatic. Seriously? Does this fellow have mirrors in his house?
    Meanwhile he refers to’ incompetent kleptocrat called Cyril Ramaphosa’…. Well considering that Bannon has been collared again for fraud and conspiracy. What are you view on him, fellah?
    And finally, Carlson seems to be flying against the views of the generation that fought in WWII who despised the British Empire for its values (albeit it in a hypocritical way)

    Carlson is another one of those characters the Right has thrown up, who if they were to say The World was round, would have me checking the cases put by Flat Earth societies.

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    1. Hello Roger. The right wing uses people like Tucker and Hannity, who are white wealthy men, to attack blacks and anyone one who supports immigration, brown people, diversity, and progressive values because it weakens the power of wealthy white men. They desperately want to create the fiction that everything good and wonderful in the world was created by white men, and white society while anything bad, harmful, dirty, run down weak, and inferior is the product of the back and brown folk because by their nature they are inferior. That is the reality that right wing media wants to push on the maga republican cult. And the rubes are accepting it even when the poorest places in the US are majority white areas such as West Virginia and Kentucky. Hugs

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