Kenneth Copeland: Put Bibles Back In Schools To Stop School Shootings

Kenneth Copeland thinks that there would be fewer school shootings in the United States if there were more bibles in schools. Jessica Burbank and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks.

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“Very stable genius Kenneth Copeland, who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, appeared on a television special last night to educate the world on why there are so many school shootings. It’s not because of easy access to deadly assault weapons; it’s because the naughty Devil used a woman to make the Supreme Court remove Bibles from schools.”

3 thoughts on “Kenneth Copeland: Put Bibles Back In Schools To Stop School Shootings

  1. The absolute INSANE reasoning these preachers come up with is mind-boggling. They’ll pretty much say anything to defend their beliefs. And the “sheep” hear his voice … and follow along like, well, sheep.

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    1. Hello Nan. It is not just defending their beliefs but also to justify making everyone else follow the dictates of their church, the doctrines of their religion. Also for Copeland it is to grift more money and another ever larger jet. I think you might have seen his angry interview with the reporter who took him on about demanding another jet and more money from his “flock”? The one where he points his finger in rage at her? How anyone in their right mind can listen to the for-profit preachers, especially the ones like this guy who looks so much like the images of demons, is something I cannot understand. Are we sure this guy is human? Hugs

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      1. When one considers some of these “fake” preachers, one can almost hope there is a hell because that’s definitely where they belong for taking advantage of their positions as “men of God.”

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