3 thoughts on “His Reputation For Stiffing Lawyers Leaves T**** Struggling To Find Good Defenders

    1. Hello Nan. I surprise is it took this long. He is reported trying to pay one of his lawyers with a horse. Why people think trump is a billionaire is stupid. He lives a wealthy lifestyle, but it is all a facade. He is in debt to his eyeballs. He owes more than he is worth. Nothing he has done except grift and scam during and after his presidency has made any real money. His money begs are the only real profit he has made, along with getting pay back from the Saudi’s for the things his administration did for them. If he is so wealthy where is his big trump plane he bragged was so much better than Air Force 1? Last I knew it was sitting on a side runway in a little used airport with missing engines. Hugs

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