Why 9/11 special master Kenneth Feinberg wouldn’t take on Trump documents case

One of the nation’s most experienced special masters, Kenneth Feinberg, told CBS News’ Catherine Herridge he would turn down the Mar-a-Lago appointment and warned a potential appointee to “brace themselves” for politically driven attacks.

5 thoughts on “Why 9/11 special master Kenneth Feinberg wouldn’t take on Trump documents case

  1. I watched most of the video and I think he made some excellent points (especially about the politicizing!), but what caused me to stop watching is her continued questions that, IMO, he had abundantly answered in the first 4-5 minutes. This is just another problem I have with videos … I can read/skim in generally less that a couple of minutes and get all the info I need/want.

    But as far as the topic itself, it’s nothing but a stall point for tRump … something he’s an expert in.

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    1. This is not for Scottie, but for Nan: I prefer transcripts, too. Many times when I play a vid at Scottie’s place, I go do a little jog on my mini-tramp while I listen. I feel that I can read it faster than listen to it, though. So many people love these vids-they watch them during workouts the way I listen to them while looking out the window, or something.

      Scottie, we all love to play here! 🌟🦦(that’s supposed to be an otter playing.)

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      1. I think part of my problem is I have a comparatively short attention span. There are very few things (movies, mostly) that will keep my interest for more than about 5 minutes … and at times, even that’s stretching it! I don’t even like to read really long articles. Once I get the point, I’m ready to move on. I used to love reading books, but over the years, I read a dozen or so pages and I’m finished for that sitting.

        Maybe all this has to do with my age in that I need to get as much done as I can in the time I have left???

        In any event, as “they” say … “Different strokes for different folks.” 😁

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        1. Hello Ali and Nan. Yes different strokes. Carmen loved my videos when I would do them as she could put them on while working in the kitchen and just listen as she worked on other things. I plan to get back to them, but because I don’t do the CC on them (YouTube does it automatically so it is not great) they are not good for people with hearing issues. As Nan says each to their own. I try to have diversified postings so everyone can enjoy or learn from at least one or more posting a day. As to the attention span, I think it is shortening for everyone. Life is so fast paced and so complicated now that people feel rush to get to the next thing. I find my book reading is now broken into small segments of like 10 to 20 minutes each and not the hours long reading I use to do. And I agree some articles get boring after a while. I think it is the Washington Post articles I don’t often post because often viewers are blocked from it and the other reason is they go on and on and on and then go on some more. I can’t handle that much my eyes glaze over and I lose focus. But that depends on the subject also. I have a much higher tolerance for longer articles that I have a deep interest in the topic. So if it is like about rights, or the LGBTQ+, then I am willing to spend more time than wading into the minutia of each rule or law that trump violated and why he can get away with it again. Just knowing what law he broke and that he got away with it doesn’t require 30 minutes of reading. Hugs

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