Cultists Paralyze Election Offices With Records Requests

If you read the article you will see that the point of this and the other attacks against election offices / staff is to interfere with and hopefully prevent voting.   Yes the maga hope to stop any voting in what they believe is democratic voting areas.    They don’t want any voting in non-maga areas.   This is their version of democracy; they get to rule unopposed.    Hugs

The Washington Post reports:

Supporters of former president Donald Trump have swamped local election offices across the nation in recent weeks with a coordinated campaign of requests for 2020 voting records, in some cases paralyzing preparations for the fall election season.

In nearly two dozen states and scores of counties, election officials are fielding what many describe as an unprecedented wave of public records requests in the final weeks of summer, one they say may be intended to hinder their work and weaken an already strained system.

The avalanche of sometimes identically worded requests has forced some to dedicate days to the process of responding even as they scurry to finalize polling locations, mail out absentee ballots and prepare for early voting in October, officials said.

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identically worded requests

So, a coordinated attack?



During his “Moment of Truth Summit” last month spotlighting 2020 presidential election irregularities, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell exhorted “every single person in the country” to ask for cast vote records from the election from their local county clerk’s office. His website links to the Ordros Analytics, Inc., website, which provides templates of public records requests for cast vote records.

They know this is their last hurrah. They will take control of the country this fall or the GOP in it’s current state will melt down into warring factions.

The GQP is a domestic terrorist org. It’s the only thing that’s well regulated about them.


Well regulated by billionaires that want to destroy democracy to rule as they wish

Of course these Deplorables, MAGAts and Trumpanzees making the requests intend to destroy Democracy for their Fascist Republican’s sadism.


2 thoughts on “Cultists Paralyze Election Offices With Records Requests

  1. Following that leader, with a total disregard of being able to tell what’s right or wrong for ourselves, and, let these, bad people, take away the consensus of the majority, that’s, what democracy turned into these days…and, it’s, really, sad too.

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    1. Hello taurusingemini. Yes what the republicans and the rabid maga right cult wants is a rule by a small minority, them. They want to rule, they want to force their minority views on everyone. They are upset that the rest of the country has progressed in understanding and society has grown more tolerant and accepting. They are desperate to return the world to the 1950s where what they believe and feel comfortable having as the rules, and they insist on dragging all of the rest of us back there with them. Hugs


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