Mike Lindell Is Bankrolling White Nationalist Christian Fascist Vincent James

The point of my posting this is to show the link between the trump big lie that the election was stolen people and the white Christian nationalist racist Christian Taliban.  The maga and the Christian nationalist have been the same people.   And their goals are to end democracy and end civil rights for anyone not a white cis Christian straight male.  The US Taliban.  The same as the Muslim Taliban just under the Christian god.   The same rule as the theocratic Iran but the vice police will enforce the same modesty & godly living rules but under the name of a different deity.    After years of the right complaining about the Taliban and what they were doing to women and minorities, but those are the same damn things these same people want to do here.    The only difference is the name of the god they are doing it for.   And one other thought.   When religions take over the world’s most powerful countries as they wish, will they then do what was done in the past, use that military might to enforce worship of their gods on countries that cannot stand up to them or that they conquered to spread the message (meaning the forced worship and tithe to the correct god) of their god?   Look at history!  That is the way religions were spread and forced on other populations.    Hugs

For years, right-wing conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell has been using his fortune to fund a wide variety of far-right efforts. In addition to spending tens of millions of dollars pushing the big lie that the 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump, Lindell has long used his MyPillow company to provide financing to right-wing media outlets and activists by allowing broadcasters to receive a portion of the profits whenever their audience purchases MyPillow products using targeted coupon codes.

White nationalist Vincent James has become the latest far-right voice to benefit from Lindell’s largess, announcing during a livestream broadcast last Thursday that Lindell recently offered him just such a personalized code for his Daily Veracity website.

This has been going on for for a week now. Big shout out to Mike Lindell. Can we get a capital W’s in the chat for white Mike Lindell? Because he has given us an opportunity to sell some pillows on DailyVeracity.com, which is awesome. We get like 50 percent of whatever you get from MyPillow.com with the [coupon code] ‘VinceJames.’

Mike Lindell, [I] got off the phone with him. He’s like, ‘Vince, we need you to sell some MyPillows for us.’ And I’m like, ‘Say no more, fam. Give me a code.’ ‘VinceJames’ is the code. You could buy a pillow and I get like 50 percent of whatever you spend on MyPillow, which is fucking awesome. Big shout out, big 07s in chat; let’s get a big 07s in chat to Mr. white Mike Lindell, to the white man himself.

The code ‘VinceJames’ does in fact give buyers a significant discount on MyPillow products:

James currently serves as the treasurer of the white nationalist organization America First and is an unapologetic racistantisemitemisogynistconspiracy theorist, and fascist who declares that when Christian nationalists such as himself seize power, they intend to “dominate without mercy.”

What would a nation under the control of someone like Vincent James look like?

LGBTQ people would be thrown off of buildings and have their children kidnapped by government task forces.

Women would not be allowed to vote, wear pants, or have any rights.

In short, it would look exactly like “The Handmaid’s Tale” but “even worse.”

There can be no denying that Mike Lindell is now using his corporation to fund overt Christian fascism.

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