Self inflicted wounds, two days of unnecessary work

As Nan said and I may be paraphrasing this a bit “It never stops for you does it”.  😢😜😒❤

 I lost two days of blogging and replying to comments, which before I was well on the way to catching up on my comments.    Ok let us start at the beginning. 

 Tuesday we had to take the cat Odie to the vet.   On Sunday night Ron noticed a blood spot on top of his pee in the litter box and he called me into the small bathroom where the cat boxes are.   Odie had been doing ever smaller pees, and we had thought he was forcing himself to pee because we give him treaties when he uses his box.   But the pees were getting smaller and smaller until they were only like a spoonful and on that Sunday night each one had a red spot in them.   I agreed in the morning he needed to go to the vet, and I did not agree to an emergency weekend night vet hospital visit, I did not want to spend over $800 dollars just to walk into the door, and then even more on what did not seem to really be upsetting the cat.    He was not crying and seemed OK.  So Monday, as soon as the vet office we use opened Ron was on the phone with them.   Ok to give Ron some cover, we had lost our wonderful Milo due to a kidney issue and we both still miss him.   They asked Ron questions, asked about the amount of blood, where it was, and the distress the cat was showing.   The reason for this is that vets are seriously short supply, and far more are needed.    Think about it, if you are willing to do that much education and medical training why not just go into human medicine where it is thought you can make more money.    I have found a good vet is well worth more money than they get paid, but most pet owners cannot afford what real pet treatment costs.   Because pet medical insurance is not pushed as much as human medical insurance most people are stunned and at a loss when a pet needs medical help.   They gave Ron a 9 AM Tuesday appointment.  

Good news is Odie is going to be OK and he is not dying.  The bad news is he is diabetic and had a UTI.  We have to give him a shot of 3 units of insulin twice a day.   Ron gave him the first shot but it seems I have been assigned that task since that first one.   

But all day Tuesday I noticed I was having trouble with web pages.  Slow loading and pictures / videos were not loading full until I refreshed the page.  On YouTube after a video going back to the main page took longer than normal, seeming to hang up at the three quarters mark.   On Wednesday morning Ron told me he had trouble Tuesday and so did James.   I said I would look at the router stats.  That is when I found my two desktop computers were blocked from the router sign in page.   But I could reach it with my phone.   I could also reach it with Ron’s laptop.  I reset the router, then did it again.   No changes.  I should have put two things together and got the right answer.   Instead I created two days of needless work and lost blogging time.   I run Nordsvpn, Norton 360 at the most aggressive settings, I have Norton’s Ultimate Utilities with their privacy settings all on, Ashampoo® WinOptimizer 25 with all the privacy settings on, I run CCleaner professional with that group of programs, and about four months ago I added the Kamo program from that same company.  Which recently got updated.  Put a pin in that.  Recent update, new computer problems.   I run most of that stuff on Ron’s computers also, but have not gotten around to adding Kamo yet.  

I figured I could dump both computers and get them all set up again in a few hours.   I keep forgetting that my windows programs are years older and so they need a lot of updates to get up to speed.   I have a ton of programs to install and sometimes update.   It now takes a day to just do the updates and also every windows update seems to require redoing all the settings to maintain privacy.  And some programs have to wait until windows is updated enough to let them install.   So Wednesday I spent the day loading / installing computer programs while checking to make sure I could access the router.   I stopped testing that after a few hours when it seemed to be working correctly.   

Thursday morning I got up, did the morning chores, fired up the computers, and decided to check the router.  Neither computer could access the router sign in page.   Again after all that work reloading and fix the computers the day before the problem was still there.    I decided to work just on the video computer and started with just resetting the operating system which would remove the added programs and fix windows without all the windows updating.  I then loaded each program and tested the computer’s ability to access the router sign on page.   All day loading programs, testing, loading the next one, updating, testing, redoing settings, testing.   All day it worked fine.   Then I loaded Kamo.  Bam.  I couldn’t access the sign on page of the router, it just wouldn’t open.  I deleted Kamo, cleaned the computer, and tried to open the sign on page of the router.   It opened right up.   I had found the thing keeping me from the router and it was not malware or a virus.   It was one of my own programs.  I like the program because I am serious about my privacy.  This program helps stop online tracking; it randomizes your computer’s fingerprint.   The website describes it as, Prevents online tracking · Prevents online ID theft · Shields your browsing history from prying eyes · Uncovers trackers, and stops them.  With every click, your digital fingerprint gets more detailed, so using a tool like Kamo becomes essential.  Kamo is a privacy application designed to keep your identity safe from the latest online tracking techniques. It works by injecting fake information into the data that makes up your digital fingerprint.

Well two days wasted but … it got worse.  I got up Friday morning after not being able to sleep much.  Did the morning chores, found the cat pooped on the floor of our bathroom, cleaned that up.    I took all my morning medications.  Two hours later I was getting nauseous and having abdominal cramps.   Ron said I did not look well.  I decided to have a bowl of vegetable soup to see if it would calm my stomach.   It did, but not the way I planned it.   I ate and then Ron asked if I wanted to go nap with him.   Yes I would.   As I walked to the bedroom my clenching belly got worse and I was sure I was going to throw up.   So I went into the bathroom just in case.   Sure enough, I vomited up all the soup, my medications, and my morning coffee.   When I returned to the bedroom Ron said I looked like I was having a bad allergic reaction.   We went for an hour and half nap.  I got feeling much better if tired.   Now I am trying to write this up, post it, look over a bit of news, and then do as many replies as possible today.   

To sum up the last few days.    Not every computer problem is caused by malware or viruses, some days the internet itself is under attack and slow, and I have to stop being so fast at just dumping the computers.   I made two days of needless work for myself that a bit of thought about the fact Kamo had just updated and if I wanted to see if it was the problem I could have just removed it, tested the ability to reach the router sign on page, then reinstalled it. I could have realized the one program difference between my desktops and Ron’s laptop was Kamo.   But everything is up and running very well.   Best wishes.    Hugs


2 thoughts on “Self inflicted wounds, two days of unnecessary work

  1. Some suggestions here…
    Try finding open-source versions of what you use. Generally less problems when more people can review the source.
    Listen to TWiT Network’s Windows weekly and Leo Laporte The Tech Guy ( Has done call-
    in help for years on KFI Los Angeles). Gives ideas of what to check when there’s probs.
    And if you don’t have time to listen to podcasts, get your systems to full setup and update.
    Then image(clone) them. With dates.
    Then if there’s software probs. you can blast the clone back on and be done in a shorter time. With everything installed and up-to-date to the time of the image.

    No need to reply. Only you know if this is at all helpfull.
    Only you know what, if any, of the suggestions you’ll use.

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    1. Hello Random Troll. Thanks for the info. I did want to respond to ask a question. You asked me to add JMG to posts I do from his grand web site. I started doing that. Is that helping the way you wanted? Best wishes. Hugs


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