SLATE: Roberts and Kavanaugh Issue a Surprise Warning Shot to Conservative Lawyers

Roberts and Kavanaugh Issue a Surprise Warning Shot to Conservative Lawyers
The justices will tolerate only so much funny business.

Read in Slate:

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2 thoughts on “SLATE: Roberts and Kavanaugh Issue a Surprise Warning Shot to Conservative Lawyers

  1. Love the last paragraph of this article:

    The surge in shadow docket orders since 2018 is unsustainable. There’s no way nine justices can handle a nonstop glut of so-called emergencies that demand instant action. Wednesday’s order may have been Roberts and Kavanaugh’s way of telling conservative lawyers to stop asking SCOTUS for a sweetheart deal when they don’t want to put in the work and await their turn.

    (Bolding mine.)

    It’s getting so the “conservatives” –now that they have a majority on the SC– want to bring ALL their silly disputes before the court.

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    1. Hello Nan. Yes you are correct. Now that they got the handpicked religious zealots and republican ideologs on the highest court that cannot be overruled every conservative religious lawyer wants to jump straight to the winning goal shot without having to play the entire game. But that is the fault of the Supreme Court itself, they did that by granting every win trump wanted, every stay trump wanted, every injunction trump wanted and also granting the same things for every case where religions wanted special treatment or rights to discriminate. They were telling these people that was the way to go about getting what they wanted. Now that Biden has tried to petition the court for the same treatment and the court is refusing it, their partisanship is showing too much for Roberts to handle. Hugs

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