FURIOUS Texas Paul SLAMS Marjorie Taylor Greene for KICKING Youth Activist

In a video released yesterday, Radical Right Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene can be seen literally kicking a Youth Activist from the organization Voters of Tomorrow as she walks in front of her. Meidas Contributor Texas Paul reacts to the disgusting act, highlighting how this shows what MAGA Republicans think of the average person not in congress.

8 thoughts on “FURIOUS Texas Paul SLAMS Marjorie Taylor Greene for KICKING Youth Activist

    1. Hello Nan. I am. It is one thing for these maga republicans to be verbally abusive but it is a new and more horrible event when they get publicly physically abusive. It shows they feel powerful enough to physically harm someone with no consequence and that they feel they are entitled to never be questioned or made uncomfortable. It is an escalation in their stance of fascism / republican rule / right wing domination. Seems they are learning from the gang thugs they use to enforce their views. The sad fact is she will get away with it and feel even more emboldened.


    1. Hello Michael. Yes I agree. They are learning from their gang thug enforcers, and they feel above the laws and entitled to never being questioned or made uncomfortable. She and those like her now feel they are above all the lower masses and rather than be public servants they are instead rulers of the public. They feel entitled to special privileges and accommodation. They really want a one party ruling dictatorship where they tell the people how to live and the people have no input or say, while these ruling republicans use the public treasury to enrich themselves and gain more power. They really love the China / Russian models of government. What is even worse is she will get away with what she did and go on to do worse. I hope someone makes a campaign advertisement of it. Hugs

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      1. A thought just occurred to me about this Neanderthal woman — why WOULDN’T she feel privileged? The news media has focused on her so intently, she’s bound to begin thinking that anything she does is OK. Plus the fact she undoubtedly likes the attention. AND consider … no one actually calls her down for any of it.

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        1. Hello Nan. Yes everything you wrote is true. She has gotten so used to lying about everything and it never being questioned, she is fawned over by Fox hosts and other right wing media. And so far no one has been able to stand up to her except Pelosi which is why she hates her. Her own party leadership in the House of Reps are scared of her. So she is the face of the new republican party, gang of thugs trolling the US people and getting wealthy abusing our system of government. Hugs

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