This Adventure Rig Has a Crane, a Shop, and May Survive the End of Times

In this video we tour Gordo From Earth’s purpose-built flatbed adventure truck bus conversion. Gordo’s bus is possibly the most unique bus conversion ever completed with a spaceship/cyberpunk interior full of high-tech features and with an incredibly well-organized and well-stocked shop, deployable by home-made crane on his flatbed exterior which also turns into a giant tent for camping/adventures. I know it sounds like I’m making all of this stuff up but once you see it you’ll believe it.

Check out Gordo’s Instagram here:… Want your rig featured on Mobile Dwellings? I’d love to tell your story and show off your work too. Send me an email at

3 thoughts on “This Adventure Rig Has a Crane, a Shop, and May Survive the End of Times

    1. Hello Nan. It is not my version of a good RV. I loved the over 40 foot fifth wheel we had with four slides. I would still be living in it, but it did not work for Ron.

      But I did think that this was a really inventive way to set up a RV / work vehicle / work space. I Love the fact that some people can do this. I would have been lost to even start it. But I notice he never mentioned a partner but constantly talked of his mother. But he did set it up for four people? Maybe wishful thinking? Hugs

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