SLATE: How Letitia James Beat Trump at His Own Game

How Letitia James Beat Trump at His Own Game
The attorney general has the goods to back her up her showmanship.

Read in Slate:

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2 thoughts on “SLATE: How Letitia James Beat Trump at His Own Game

  1. LOVED THIS!!!

    And the closing remarks: “Claiming you have money that you do not have does not amount to the art of the deal,” she said, with another woeful sigh. “It’s the art of the steal.”

    Groan all you like, but if Trump taught us anything, it’s that showmanship is worth its weight in overvalued penthouses.

    Go Letitia!!!

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    1. Hello Nan. Correct. All the right cares about is trolling and getting one over on the other person. It is how they feel good about themselves and see that they are winners. The more they mock the other side the more they feel they win. Stupid childish bully way of behaving. But the truth is trump did steal. He stole from the other taxpayers who had to make up his share, he stole from the government in not paying his fair amount of taxes, and he stole from all the contractors / workers / lawyers he refused to pay after they did work for him. He is clearly a scamming thief cult leader. Hugs

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