Republicans attack Kansas Gov Laura Kelly for supporting trans people. She responded in 8 words

I have covered the swimmer ground before.   In the past anti-trans people have tried to claim that men who cannot win in men’s sports against men then claim to be women so they can compete in an easier contest against women while biologically still men.   That is not just not happening.    Male swimmers are competing in a men’s contest on Monday and then on Wednesday decide to swim in a female contest.   What is happening is trans women living as the gender they identify as wanting to participate in a sport they enjoy.   To participate in the sport a trans woman must meet the medical qualification of what is considered the normal hormone ranges for females.   Often there is at least one or two years of transitioning before joining a women’s team, during which time the benefits of male puberty are diminished / dissipated / removed.    Also it is important to note that trans women do not win all the events and take all the awards.   You know what determines the winners of these sports events?  Those who have natural talent and practice the sport more, longer, harder, and make the effort to be the best at their sport.  

But the sports thing is really a misdirection.    It really is not what these bills are for.   Remember the governor who vetoed on of these bills because there was only one trans child in their schools and that child was not interested in sports?   The republican legislature overrode the veto because it is entirely an issue to rile up the base and get the rabid right wing to vote.   It is not about kids, health, or education but it is entirely about getting the religious people and the rabid right who cannot accept the changes in society to be upset enough to vote republican.   That is entirely want this is about.    Are you uncomfortable that your traditions are not universal now, that other ideas are present?  Return to the past where it was all good and you were comfortable because you understood it all, vote republican.   This is what it really is what these anti-trans / don’t say gay laws are about.    Hugs

Topeka, Kansas - January 14, 2019: Democrat Governor Laura Kelly delivers her inaugural speech is front of the steps of the Kansas State Capitol building

Topeka, Kansas – January 14, 2019: Democrat Governor Laura Kelly delivers her inaugural speech is front of the steps of the Kansas State Capitol building Photo: Shutterstock

The Republican Governor’s Association (RGA) is saying Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly (D) is lying about her record on transgender rights as she faces attack ads from the conservative organization over her two vetoes of transgender sports bans.

In 2021 and this past April, Kelly vetoed bills that would have banned transgender girls from participating in school sports as their gender. The bills did not similarly restrict transgender boys.

“We all want a fair and safe space for our kids to play and compete,” she said when she vetoed this year’s bill. “However, this bill didn’t come from the experts at our schools, our athletes, or the Kansas State High School Activities Association. It came from politicians trying to score political points.”

RGA has been running ads attacking Kelly for those vetoes. One of those ads featured cisgender swimmer Riley Gaines who said, “I was forced to share a locker room with a biological man. It was uncomfortable and it was wrong.”

“This has to stop,” she concluded. “If Laura Kelly can’t protect women, she shouldn’t be governor.”

In one of her ads, Kelly responded to the claims succinctly.

“You may have seen my opponent’s attacks,” she said in the ad. “So let me just say it: of course men should not play girls’ sports. OK, we all agree there.”

The rest of the ad calls out her opponent, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt (R), for his support of cutting school funding.

Her statement is true: these laws are not about stopping boys or men from playing girls’ or women’s sports, they’re about banning a subset of girls and women – those who are transgender – from participating in school sports. Like most mainstream Democrats, Kelly is in favor of transgender people getting access to full educations – sports education included – but isn’t in favor of removing gender distinctions in schools.

But Republicans are now accusing her of lying, mainly because they refuse to acknowledge transgender people for who they are.

“Laura Kelly is looking Kansans in the eye and flat out lying about her record of failing to protect girls and women from having to compete against biological men in athletics,” said a spokesperson for RGA Kansas in a press release issued today.

The press release didn’t defend Schmidt when it came to his record on cutting funding for schools.


6 thoughts on “Republicans attack Kansas Gov Laura Kelly for supporting trans people. She responded in 8 words

  1. Riley Gaines is not in or from KS, nor has she swam for KS. Neither have any transwomen swam for KS, at least so far. I guess I should be thankful that Ms. Gaines made enough money from shooting this ad to pay for her college, since that’s not easy for anyone. But she’s a lying liar telling other lying liars’s lies.

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    1. Hello Ali. Isn’t this the same swimmer that made such an issue over Lia Thomas the trans swimmer. I may be wrong, but Gaines thought she should win but she put in far fewer practice hours than Thomas along with other training. Gaines used the accuse that Thomas was trans to blame her own not doing so well in the meets. She came off sounding entitled. She is the darling of the anti-trans in sports movement as I am sure you know. You are correct that she is lying and that is all the anti-trans people have. Look at the lies the Tildeb tried to spout here and that I shot down with facts every time. They cannot accept the change in society and want everyone to go back to when they were comfortable with how things were. Hugs

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      1. I bet Riley Gaines paid off all her debt recording those ads for each state that hasn’t banned trans students from playing sports. Yes, I agree she might be that Karen-swimmer you mention; in the ad we get, she doesn’t mention who the so-called “man” is, nor who “he” took the trophy from, nor even that she was present when that trophy was awarded; she only claims she had to share a locker with a man, and it’s uncomfortable, as she bats those big baby blues into the camera. The Republican Governors Assc. is who paid for the one we get in KS, but again, I bet it’s playing everywhere. And all the “swim dads” are wondering why they never saw Riley Gaines at meets, and who the trans swimmer was, because the ad presents as if it happened right where the ad is airing.
        I remember when the awful things were said when Lia Thomas won. I also remember that led to so many high school parents pointing fingers at young women and girls and wanting them to be checked for penises, because those girls were better athletes than their own kids. grrr Just let the kids play, FFS.


        1. Here’s a more local story about this. There’s lots of KS legal and political stuff on this site; no doubt other states are doing much the same, but it’s only disclosed on local sites that may be considered obscure. That’s why your blog is such a public service, Scottie!


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