Transphobic post lands school board candidate Ladyman in hot water


In a test of the maturity of anyone who happens across this story, Rockman School Board candidate Craig Ladyman has been exposed for posting violently queerphobic and antisemitic imagery online.

Ladyman posted an image of four pride flags arranged to form a swastika pattern on Trump social media network Truth Social under the incredible username “@LadymanForLiberty”. The candidate writes, “Like my new Pride flag?” (very respectfully capitalizing the “P” in “Pride”, of course).

Appalled parents and voters sent the post along to Superintendent Steven Matthews, who says he shares in their outrage.

“It makes me feel angry,” he tells Fox WXMI. “Certainly, a symbol like that represents the and represents divisiveness. It’s a symbol that I don’t think represents who we are as a community, and anybody who would use it I don’t think represent who we are as a community.”

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In addition to the bastardization of the Pride flag, the invoking of nazi imagery is deeply unsettling to community members.

Rabbi David Krishef, a leader at the Ahavas Israel congregation in neighboring Grand Rapids, explains to WXMI the harm that sentiments like Ladyman’s pose.

“It cheapens the Holocaust, it cheapens the suffering,” he says. “It’s a misuse of the imagery, it’s a misuse of the language.

“No matter what’s going on in this country, whether you’re coming from the right wing being afraid of what the left wing are doing or vice versa, we are not rounding people up wholesale and consigning them to concentration camps and death camps. But that’s what the Nazi imagery evokes.”

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Not to psychoanalyze transphobes on main, but this candidate’s anti-trans rhetoric is particularly vehement and loud. His official school board candidacy poster reads, “Vote Craig Ladyman/Rockford School Board/He knows what a woman is!”

It’s giving “graphic design is my passion”:

His campaign website boasts, “I promise to fight for parental rights and children’s rights in school. I will never go along with unconstitutional mandates, medical tyranny, or the woke agenda.”

We’re not saying that this man was so horribly bullied for his name growing up that gender stricture became deeply embedded in his psyche and is now his only personality trait. Not out loud, at least.

2 thoughts on “Transphobic post lands school board candidate Ladyman in hot water

  1. Well, I’m gonna say it-

    Oh, my goodness; people have changed their surnames for far worse reasons than to spare their son a last name that dooms him to become a phobic bigot. Someone up that family tree must have decided that if sons made the poor choice to be born in that family, they were gonna have to suffer as much as he did.

    I hope that doesn’t seem like an awful thing to say, and truly, people ought to be able to rise above such things as surnames, skin color, or any/all the issues that divide humans from each other. I would never do or say anything about someone else’s name, except to verify pronunciation in some cases.

    But, I recall when I was young and my maiden surname was obviously German, and even though it was the mid-60s, sometimes I heard things like “Heil, Hitler” in the older grades. It wasn’t just me; it was everyone with a different name, and was intended to be more a fun than a hurtful thing among neighbor kids, but a name like Ladyman would have just started out with meanness, and eventually gotten worse. That’s one sure way to get a guy like this guy.


  2. Here’s a totally OT link; I tried to get back to the owl post, but it was quite a few back and I didn’t want to make you go all the way back. I get emails from the American Bird Conservancy, and it’s an awesome resource in general regarding birds and nature. This weekend’s featured bird is the Northern Harrier, but once you get on this page, you can go all over the site from there.


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