1836 Project’s pamphlet to promote a “patriotic” version of Texas history airbrushes oppression and poverty, experts say


Several years ago religious bigots got into the highest levels of the school education system in the state of Texas.   I remember posting of Aron Ra and others going to testify against the rewriting of the textbooks to bring history, biology, and other subjects in line with the bible as much as possible.   Including the stressing that the US was established as a Christian nation under Christian policies and that the constitution was given to the founding fathers by Moses.   Then recently it was to get rid of any negative connotations of slavery and the horrors of that institution to calling slaves unwilling immigrants and unpaid workers.    The drive was fueled by that CRT which is a advanced degree course taught in law schools was being taught to little kids and that white kids were being made to feel bad about being white.    Then it became the drive to remove anything LGBTQ+ from schools.   Don’t say gay bills.    And now we are up to a total rewrite of history to prove how great and exceptionally honorable Texas is, just as god intended it to be.  Hugs

The Texas Tribune reviewed the 15-page document, which will be handed out to new drivers, and asked historians to comment on how accurately and thoroughly it chronicles the state’s history.

The Texas and U.S. flag wave in the wind outside of the John Reagan State Office building on Jan. 15, 2020.

Early settlements


Oil, not cotton


The Alamo





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