Let’s talk about Georgia and the Herschel Walker situation….


2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Georgia and the Herschel Walker situation….

  1. I think his son said it all. The Walker camp apparently knew of all of this before and just chose not to be concerned. The greatest criticism from his son is his father had four children with four wives and was NOT involved in raising them and now speaks of family values?

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    1. Hello Keith. Yes I agree. I dislike Christian Walker and his toxic brand of social media and his self hating as a gay person. But he is not wrong on how not family values his father is. But republicans today only give lip service to family values. It has become code words for attacking gay couples and same sex couples with kids. It is code words for forcing women into the home subservient to men. But as for things that really help families the republicans don’t do anything and in fact try to take things away that would help families. They would rather give tax cuts to the wealthy than food assistance to the poor, they cut school lunches for kids, they wouldn’t support the child tax credit that lifted half the kids in poverty out of it. So I refuse to credit them with family values. Hugs


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