CO Gov Nominee Stands By “Furries In Schools” Cla…

This is the quality of the Republican Party candidates. They don’t care about truth, reality is what every they want it to be, they say anything that their base wants to hear because the base doesn’t care about truth at all. It is more fun and the feel kids are identifying as cats as that shows how crazy the left has made the world so it has to be true right. Hey a Republican candidate said it and it was denied by lefty democrat types and they lie right? If a Democrat or the main stream news denies it and a republican or right wing media said it was so it clearly is so and the left just is hiding it. WTF PEOPLE. These people are running for very high offices, not dog catcher. Governors and congress. Insanity. What has happened to the US? I guess when cars go up $10,000 dollars in one year, rents go so high they take 2/3rds of a working persons wages to pay so everyone has to have many roommates, when wages are forced low but costs are too high to live, the wealthy want the crazies in charge as they are easier to bribe? Hugs

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2 thoughts on “CO Gov Nominee Stands By “Furries In Schools” Cla…

  1. Manipulating the masses, getting the people to, follow them blindly, using groupthink to their, advantage, that, is what we the people are, looking at, and, most of us, don’t feel the need to vote anymore, because, our votes, became, nothing more than, symbolic objections of what the government is, doing.

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