New Walker Lie: I Once “Supervised Six Hospitals”…

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4 thoughts on “New Walker Lie: I Once “Supervised Six Hospitals”…

    1. Hello Nan. How in the world has this clearly mentally ill clearly mentally deficient person ever considered US Senate material. How sadly the idea of what a Senator is / should be these days. Hey as long as they have that R behind their name they can be as horrible and bad as they want. This is a guy now admitting he paid for an abortion for a woman he already had a kid with, has four out of wedlock kids and never raised anyone of them. He is the very black guy the white right has railed against all their lives, the absently black male fathering kids with any woman he can. Yet the entire GOP establishment is behind him because he could give them control of the Senate. Hugs.


      1. Doncha’ know?? He got SAVED … Glory Be! … and all those horrible sins are behind him! 🙏

        As you said, it’s all about getting control in the Senate … by fair means or foul.

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