Haters Force Tennessee Pride Event Out Of Public…

The public park is no longer open to the LGBTQ+ public, even though we pay our taxes and are just like everyone else. The republican elected officials / religious leaders have managed to be thuggish and drive a legal activity that has been done in years prior out of the park and into a building behind closed doors, plus even though a drag show is not normally sexually explicit it will now be restricted to adults only. Damn it don’t you see what they are doing. They are trying to undo 50 years of public acceptance. They are trying to do to the US LGBTQ+ the same as Russia did to them in that country, basically they have made it illegal to be LGBTQ+ In public and one must stay hidden to survive in Russia. Once they drive the LGBTQ+ underground and out of sight, who will they come for next. History says they will next enforce morality on women’s dressing and working out side of the home, then they will come for the other religions such as Islam and Judaism. They wont stop until the thugs get the world of 1950 / 1850 they want. Again this was a legal public event forced to go behind closed doors by people who wanted it shut down entirely. Hugs


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