MTG Boasts Of “Better Chance” To Overturn Obergef…

I am tired. This woman calls the speaker of the House a bitch openly, has advocated death to fellow members of congress, is an self avowed troll who has do no legislating, and she is posed to become one of the power players if the GOP / republicans win the House this midterm. Think of the damage they will do if that happens. And the maga loves the idea of stopping real governance to instead be active trolls full time, attacking the Biden White House, impeaching Biden for no reason, hey they will have to do it at least. Three times to make him worse than trump. They want to ruin our system of government, end democracy, and install a dictatorship / theocracy that they rule over everyone else in. They want the Russian model of enriching them self off the public treasury while the country goes into decay and despair. Hugs

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