Watch a Drag Queen Call Out Marco Rubio For Obses…

Though Rubio has appeared in plenty of photo opssurrounding Hurricane Ian and the damage it’s caused to his state, it’s unclear how all those concerned faces actually benefit the people of Florida. Rubio did not attenda Senate vote this week on releasing emergency aid to Florida; his colleague, fellow Republican Sen. Rick Scott, voted against the measure, as did Rep. Matt Gaetz. Rubio’s office did not immediately return Them’s request for comment.

“We have seen increased threats and harassment directed not just at drag performers who do library readings, but also at library staff, teachers, and others who support inclusive learning materials for youth,” Ellis said. “Public figures, media, and tech companies must be held accountable. And elected officials like Senator Rubio must follow through on their oath of office to protect and represent all of their constituents, rather than pushing anti-LGBTQ rhetoric for political points.”

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